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BAC CHALLENGE 10k Run 5k FUN Walk / Run

Beverly, MA, June 15, 2006

5k Finishers

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BAC Challenge 5k 
1st Place Team = Northshore Education Consortium
1st Place Walker = Richard Lee of Lynn MA
5 K Finishers
Tracy	Blanchette
Kathy	Ciampa
Kathy	Dix
Debbie	Eskenazi
Tracy	Farraher
Johua	Fouser
Heather	Gale
Debbie	Gianatassio
Cindy	Godwin
Judy		Hamerstrom
Tracey	Hamilton
Hathy	Hardwick
Joanne	Kelly
Patty	Loiacond
Karen	Meunier
Craig	Murphy
Joanne	O’Shea
Carol	Reynolds
Joyce	Talbot
Patricia	Grande
Sue	Mahoney
Lauren	Darrah
Karen	Schwartz
Curly	Ladd
Mary	Barnes