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Paulie's "Mathes Farewell" House Run

Worcester, MA, July 10, 2006

Overall results

Wendy Mathes
Wendy Mathes


Paulies "Mathes Farewell" House Run

SSAC Headquarters West
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

You know it was a fun post race party when the food and beer runs out..and the clean-up begins at 12:03 AM the next day In true SSAC fashion a kick-ass race took place and then it closed with a kick-ass time amoungst the participants!! AND IT HAPPENED it on a parcel of land many have surrendered to the banditoes a long long time ago!!

Anyway, the Shrewsbury Runners Club which is notorious east of Rt. 495 and most particular around the banks of the Charles River...and some Korean War Veterans card games at the Marsh Post
showed up tonight...getting them beyond the southern banks of Lake Q into Worcester wasn't as easy as getting Elizabeth Taylor to say "I do" but we did at Paulie's House Run tonight and a fun time was had by all...

You don't want to miss next week's Paulie's House Run..cause word out of Gothem City is that a pretty fast reporter from the Boston Globe is coming out to experiance running Main South on a Monday night..mingle with the suburbanites and a few of the locales that have been supporting it whilst we have yet another BBQ!!

Hay we are on every Monday night regardless of...rain, shine, gang wars between the local Crips & Bloods, smog alerts, global warming....or even minimum wage increases that cause local business men to lose it and jump off the highest of buildings-see ya next week if ya dare:>)


3.0 Mile Results:
1. Travis Thompson    Worcester, MA      CMS       21:45
2. Scott Stevens        Holden, MA           SSAC     21:51
3. Ron Trzcinski        Worcester, MA       CCRT     22:08
4. Amy Paquette    Worcester, MA   CMS    22:47
5. Jack Goolsky        Rutland, MA          CMS       24:26
6. Tracy Flynn      Shrewsbury, MA   CMS   25:46
7. Marion Crouch    Shrewsbury, MA   SRC   25:49
8. Dave Crouch          Shrewsbury, MA    SRC       26:00
9. Susan Leo-Johnson  Worcester, MA  WRR 26:51
10. Jim Whittemore    Worcester, MA      SSAC     28:15
11. Mark Bouffard      Shrewsbury, MA     SRC      30:15
12. Rob Marhefka      Worcester, MA                    30:17
13. Bill Lazott           Westboro, MA                      30:47
14, Dave Mathes        Shrewsbury, MA    SRC      30:55
15. Chris Hastings     Shrewsbury, MA    SRC       30:59
16. Wendy Mathes  Shrewsbury, MA   SRC   31:20
17. Karen Mills       Shrewsbury, MA   SRC  32:34
18. Sherri St. Pierre  Shrewsbury, MA  SRC  32:34.2
SRC= Shrewsbury Runners Club
CMS= Central Mass Striders
WRR= Worcester Road Runners
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CCRT= Charter Communication Racing Team