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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15 Km

Somerville, MA, January 19, 2006

Overall Results

Disabled American Veterans Club

Disabled American Veterans Club

616 Broadway off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Somerville Striders Athletic Club versus the Cape Cod Athletic Club was a hands down spankin' tonight...Amy Porter bagged a 1st place women's win over the lovely Janet Kelly..."J.J." to many...Charlie LaRosa a 60 plusser from the North End and the charisma of a "Don Corleone" made mince meat of the ever classy 60 plusser Brian Kelly...and Big Bad Brian Poli demolished an even "way" biggah Gregory Ernst in the battle for the bottom of the batting order...ahhhh nuttin' like an unannounced competition to keep the competition guessing:>) 

Cameron Manning bumped em' all down in the pecking order tho...and right now he may be the hardest working Runner in Somerville, Massachusetts...former Marine...biggah than your average to leap tall buildings in a single bounce...Cameron is of the same ilk at Matty Corcoran...another clydie with a long Somerville tradition and who also has a reputation around the work cooler for training hard...and never leaving a full beer bottle on the bar very long!!

Disclaimer: This stories scribe will be at the weekly Cape Cod Athletic Club Tuesday night run-post gala at Campari's in Chatham, Massachusetts and he promises to ease the pain of defeat with a round on him!!





1. Amy Porter            Cambridge, MA            23:28   SSAC

2. Janet Kelly             Chatham, MA              25:49   CCAC

3. Beth Logan            Cambridge, MA            26:57   SSAC

4. Susan Boches        Somerville, MA            28:38   SSAC

5. Colleen Marinelli     Natick, MA                  29:28   SSAC

6. Sandra Peters        Somerville, MA             33:33   SSAC




1. Cameron Manning       Somerville, MA           19:29  SSAC

2. Pat Moore                  Cambridge, MA           19:33 

3. Traves Thompson        Worcester, MA           20:42  NTC
4. Ken Harrison              Dalton, MA                  22:13

5. Frank Tiejte                Belmont, MA               22: 18

6. Matzi Neuber              Somerville, MA            22:35  SSAC

7. Jeremy Selwyn          Cambridge, MA            22:56  SSAC

8. Justin Pennock          Somerville, MA             23:00

9. John Singleton           Waltham, MA              23:03

10. Kim Ventris              Somerville, MA             23:29

11. Tony LaRosa           Wilmington, MA            23:46  SSAC

12. Freddie Kirk             Woburn, MA                 24:18  SSAC

13. Jerry Shine              Somerville, MA             24:32  SSAC

14. Mike Prifti                Somerville, MA             25:03

15. Kevin Christian         Dorchester, MA            25:04  SSAC

16. Larry Davey              Somerville, MA             25:10

17. Hillary Smart           ?????????????              25:15

18. Dan McCloskey        Somerville, MA             25:58

19. Charlie LaRosa        Revere, MA                   26:19  SSAC

20. Brian Kelly               Chatham, MA               26:36  CCAC

21. Paulie Watson        Cambridge, MA              27:56  SSAC

22. Dave Morse             Cambridge, MA             28:23

23. Brian Poli                Lynn, MA                     35:00  SSAC

24. Gregory Ernst          Weymouth, MA             37:01  CCAC



CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club

NTC= Nordic Track Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club