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Paulie's "Cult House Run"

Worcester, MA, February 6, 2006

Overall Results

SSAC Headquarters West

SSAC Headquarters West
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

This thing on Monday nights in Worcester is becoming
cult-like for some.."Fat Tony" Lucia of Agawam, MA has now been out running through the urban streets of Worcester two days in a row used to be Artie French of Shreeeeeeewsbury, MA who owned the streets around here as the head 60+ honcho but it looks like there may be a new sheriff in town and his name is "Fat Tony" Lucia of Agawam, Massachusetts- 68 years old and he stills ski's and races two days in a row!!

And speakin' of new sheriffs in town and I'm not speakin' about Chief Gemme who may in my lifetime rid Worcester completely of all the bad guys is Travis Thompson also of Shreeeewsbury, MA but now livin' in the District 4 Hood. Travis Teee is training very hard and it may not be long before that 5Km time dips below 20 something!!

Another night out on the urban streets of starts out as a curiosity...then it cocoons into a need to support and soon it becomes the place to be and the race to do!!! Time will tell:>)

See ya next Monday...Paulie's House Run just come up around the rear..2nd floor and say hello--bring your own sneakers!!



1. Sue Leo-Johnson        Worcester, MA       29:16  CHPR

2. Dolores Fuller             Worcester, MA       30:09

3. Loretta King                Worcester, MA      30:10.1

4. Kathy O'Hara              Worcester, MA       31:09.8




1. Travis Thompson       Worcester, MA        22:09  NTC

2. Joe Carpenter            Rochdale, MA         25:19  RRR

3. Scott Stevens           Holden, MA             26:53  SSAC

4. Jack Goolsky            Rutland, MA            27:43  CMS

5. "Fat Tony" Lucia       Agawam, MA           31:02  EORC
6. Ed Wood                 Worcester, MA         32:09

7. Bunny Breckinridge   Worcester, MA        32:10 

8. Tor Johnson             Worcester, MA         32:11


Short Course:

1. Buddy the Beagle        Worcester, MA       16:09   SSAC

2. Will Collyer                 Wakefield, MA        16:098  SSAC


EORC= Empire One Running Club
CMS= Central Mass Striders
NTC= Nordic Track Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CHPR= Castle Hill Park Runners
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners