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CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #7

Worcester, MA, February 18, 2006


Courtesy of Central Mass Striders

16 CMS members and 20 Runners total came out to the February 18th version of the 2006 CMS 
5k Series and noone was quicker than Paul Noone who ran the fastest time on the course this 
year.  Rob Lind and Danny Savukoski battled to the finish for bragging rights of First CMS 
finisher with youth prevailing.  Barbara McManus was first woman, and Steve Brooks continued 
his 2006 PR streak; this one being  his February 2006 PR!  Way to go Steve! 

				  CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #7
				     Worcester State College
					   Worcester, MA
 PLACE      TIME     NAME                         CATEGORY    CITY                  CLUB
   1      16:19.00   Noone, Paul                   M20-39     Worcester, MA
   2      17:23.00   Lind, Rob             -1j     M00-19     Worcester, MA         CMS
   3      17:26.00   Savukoski, Danny              M20-39     Fitchburg, MA         CMS
   4      19:29.00   Parslow, Adam                 M20-39     West Boylston, MA
   5      19:36.00   McManus, Barbara      -1f     F20-39     Oakham, MA            CMS
   6      20:36.00   Thompson, Travis              M20-39     Worcester, MA         NTC
   7      20:57.00   Krom, David           -1m     M40-49     Worcester, MA         CMS
   8      21:04.00   Sheerin, Paul                 M40-49     Auburn, MA            CMS
   9      21:54.00   Graham, Nick                  M00-19     Charlton, MA          SHRHS
  10      25:07.00   Lembcke, Jerry        -1v     M60-69     Worcester, MA         CMS
  11      25:17.00   Hunt, Richard                 M60-69     Auburn, MA            CMS
  12      25:22.00   Beckwith, Laura       -1f     F60-69     Holden, MA            CMS
  13      25:53.00   Keating, Mike                 M40-49     Worcester, MA         CMS
  14      26:12.00   Horrigan, Rick                M40-49     Rutland, MA           CMS
  15      26:31.00   Sims, Heather                 F20-39     Auburn, MA            CMS
  16      26:32.00   London, Michael       -1s     M50-59     Worcester, MA         CMS
  17      26:37.00   Jarvis, Debbie        -1f     F40-49     Charlton, MA          CMS
  18      29:06.00   Carlson, Marta                F40-49     Paxton, MA            CMS
  19      35:22.00   Hendrick, John                M60-69     Auburn, MA            CMS
  20      43:41.00   Brooks, Stephen       -1SV    M70+       Gardner, MA           CMS
(Cold, Windy, Snow Squall Finish - Run Clockwise)
Volunteers: Terry Elliott (Northboro), Jan McNamara (Princeton), Joe Wooster (Holden), 
           Kevin Fallon (W Boylston)