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D.A.V. Pearl Harbor 5.15km

Somerville, MA, December 7, 2006

Overall results


D.A.V. Pearl Harbor 5.15Km

Disabled American Veterans Club
616 Broadway-off Ball Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02145
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

A shoe horn has been needed the past month or so to get everyone into the 2nd floor of the Disabled American Veterans Club ....loads of runners and folks like Greg Grant just poppin' in for a few beers and some of that post race camraderie that Daniel Dodson travels miles and miles to enjoy!!

Tonight was a HUGE night for Elena Jacubiak..not only did the man, Todd Hutchinson that she pledged to cook and clean for till death do them part win tonights race BUT she had a HUGE personal best with a little help from her amico, Charlie congratulations to Elena for the HUGE personal best and to Todd for being able to find the last woman on the face of the earth willing to pledge to cook and clean  for him till death do em' part.
There is a race every Thursday night down or up depending on where you are coming from at the Disabled American Veterans Club... and just about everyone is invited...if you like good fartlek conversation we are probably not for you..BUT if you like to drink beer and eat pizza after a race then we probably are

5.15Km Results:

1. Todd Hutchinson      Arlington, MA      18:50  SSAC
2. Cam Manning        Medford, MA        19:29  SSAC
3. Dave Jewett           Scituate, MA       19:58
4. Nat Farny              Medford, MA        22:13
5. Neil Cullen            Cambridge, MA     23:00  SSAC
6. Larry Davey           Somerville, MA     23:21
7. Mike Prifti             Somerville, MA      23:33
8. Tony LaRosa        Wilmington, MA     23:46  SSAC
9. Tom Stracqualursi   Stoughton, MA     23:56  CRR
10. Kevin Christian     Dorchester, MA     24:02  SSAC
11. Matzi Neuber       Somerville, MA      24:19  SSAC
12. Marie Kemp        Jackson, MS         24:21  SSAC
13. Jay Lowry           Watertown, MA      24:23  SSAC
14. Chris Williams     Somerville, MA      24:24
15. Jeremy Selwyn    Cambridge, MA      24:31  SSAC
16. Scott Lombardo    Somerville, MA      25:52
17. Mark Kirimaki       Malden, MA          26:30
18. Beth Logan          Brisbane, AU         26:34  SSAC
19. Sarah Follenweider  Somerville, MA   26:51
20. Chris Cintron        Tewksbury, MA      28:26  SSAC
21. Elena Jacubiak     Arlington, MA        28:27  SSAC
22. Charlie LaRosa     Revere, MA           28:29   SSAC
23. Diane Schilder     Arlington, MA         29:31
24. Debra Smith         Arlington, MA        29:32  MR
25. Jerry Shine           Somerville, MA       29:33  SSAC
26. Santa Claus         Raynham, MA        29:34  CRR
27. Will Groth            Watertown, MA       29:40
28. Tommy Holmes    Somerville, MA       31:00  SSAC
29. Sandy Peters       Somerville, MA       32:33  SSAC
30. Jackie Ecker        Poughkeepsie, NY   35:24
31. Gillian Gould       Ballybrack, IRE        35:25
32. Greg Ernst          Weymouth, MA     35:37  CCAC
33. Brian Poli            Lynn, MA                35:43  SSAC
34. Janet Qualter     Cambridge, MA    37:07  SSAC
CRR= Colonial Road Runners
MR= Mystic Runners
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club