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Haunted City Junior Triathlon

Salem, MA, August 5, 2006

Over all places for 6-9yrs and 10-14yrs

Courtesy of B&S Fitness

For more race information, see For more pictures from the event go to our website..

6-9 yr. olds
1Meaghan McKenna9F14:16
2David Jones8M14:21
3Joseph Mitchell7M15:18
4Chase Davidson9M15:19
5Jonny Good9M16:11
6Brett Stoey9M16:33
7Rees Collier8M17:30
8Michael Butler8M17:38
9Ross MacMahon7M17:39
10Emma DeJoie8F17:44
11Maggie Barden6F18:05
12Curtis Hodsdon7M18:07
13Lucas DeJoie8M18:18
14Kelsey Nielson9F18:55
15Marina Whitlow7F19:10
16Emily Mitchell9F19:49
17Sydney DeJoie8F20:22
18Julia Channing7F20:53
19Whitney Good7F21:26
20Tommy O'Hare8M21:35
21Dan Pini8M22:50
22Maya Keenan-Gallagher6F23:31
23Kurt Koloseus5M26:08:00
24Jacob Pini7M28:05:00
10-14 yr. olds
1AJ Ahmed12M35:39:00
2Katie McKenna12F37:45:00
3Alexandra Curran-Cardarelli11F38:58:00
4Nicholas Imperillo12M39:01:00
5Ruth Forman13F39:40:00
6Reme Digiovanni11F40:37:00
7Amanda Nielsen12F40:41:00
8Alexandra Clough11F41:02:00
9Joe Hennessey10M42:07:00
10Jake Heller10M42:40:00
11Michael Cronin11M42:42:00
12Jesse Depaola12F43:29:00
13Brooke Bernardin10F44:10:00
14James Banister11M44:12:00
15Lacy Forest11F44:48:00
16Ashley Thrower12F44:49:00
17Amanda Gray13F44:50:00
18Jackie Lane11F45:47:00
19Steven Cronin10M46:35:00
20Kate Imperillo11F48:41:00
21Erica Sweet11F53:24:00
22Catie Lamoly10F58:09:00
23Emily Butler11F58:10:00