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Lazy Days of Summer Buffalo Run

Cambridge, MA, August 3, 2006

Overall results


Lazy Day's of Summer Buffalo Run
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Hot as Hell the past few days and we had folks hovering around the BBQ tonight, go figure...anyway I got told tonight that I made Tricia Kelly famous at work by announcing her age group win at our duathlon a few weeks back in the post event results and's easy makin' em' famous, makin' em' happy is the chore-right lad's:) And speakin' about one that is hard to make happy but I can make famous is Beverly Zaluk who is training for her foist Half Marathon this fall somewhere north of the Newbridge Cafe in Chelsea, Massachusetts!! I think I heard her say she PR'd tonight-in running lingo that means she did her best so it seems like the training is on schedule and ole Bev will knock the Half Mary in two with maybe a SUB 2!!!

It's on to this weekends Big Man Run XI at Khoury's State Spa in East Somerville, Massachusetts...few races make eleven years, BMR may make twenty!!!

2.6 Mile Results:

1. Joshua Gordon          Boston, MA        13:50  B.A.A.
2. Brendan McWilliams  Arlington, MA     15:27  KK
3. John  Wichers           Arlington, MA      16:25  SRR
4. Paddy Moore            Somerville, MA     16:34
5. Roberto Soria           Cambridge, MA    16:54
6. David Lamb              Weston, MA         17:16
7. Ted Norton               Woburn, MA         17:22
8. Haley Newman      Marblehead, MA  17:43
9. Larry Davey             Somervillle, MA      18:11
10. John Singleton        Waltham, MA        19:20
11. Mary Ellen Sawyer  Newton, MA    19:32
12. Scott Lombardo     Somerville, MA       19:55
13. Tricia Kelly           Medford, MA   20:43
14. Laura Price           Medford, MA    20:50
15. Susan Nichols      Newton, MA     20:59
16. Sarah Stanton      Belmont, MA    21:03
17. John Nott             Medford, MA           21:11  SSAC
18. Dick Doran           Newton, MA            21:15  CCAC
19. Paul Watson       Cambridge, MA        21:58  SSAC
20. Matt Grant           Hudson, NH            22:56  RRRT
21. Kerstin Johnson   Somerville, MA  23:05  SSAC
22. Sammy Voolich   Somerville, MA        23:12  SSAC
23. Eric Archey          Medford, MA          23:42
24. Laura Stowe         Jamaica Plain, MA  23:54
25. Julie Campisano   Allston, MA          23:55
26. Julie Jones           Cambridge, MA   25:10
27. Beverly Zaluk       Somerville, MA      27:20  SSAC
28. Brian Poli             Lynn, MA                27:43  SSAC
29. ?????????           ??????        ?????
30. ?????????           ??????                  ?????   
RRRT= Racers Resource Racing Team
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
B.A.A.= Boston Athletic Association
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
KK= Kilkenny Kats