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Buddy The Beagle 9th Birthday Bash Run & Duathlon

Canbridge, MA, August 31, 2006

Overall results

Buddy The Beagle
Buddy The Beagle


Buddy the Beagle 9th Birthday Bash Run & Duathlon
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club
A birthday celebration for the SSAC President tonight..Buddy the Beagle turned 9 years old tonight and the club and friends celebrated- Italian sausages w/ peppers and onions, steak and a chocolate cake..all his favorites that he likes to share with his friends!

They don't race like this in Worcester BUT they do in the Boston area..hard racing and then a aint a new concept!!

2.6M-Run, 2.6M-Bike, 2.6M-Run

1. John Wichers       Arlington, MA         41:56    TMM
2. Ray Griner          Brighton, MA           45:12
3. Paul Sutliffe       West Roxbury, MA  47:34  PRC
4. Greg Larson        Dorchester, MA       51:27
5. John O'Donnell    West Roxbury, MA  51:28
6. Dan Young         Hingham, MA            51:34
7. MaryEllen      Newton, MA       56:19
8. Dick Doran        Newton, MA             57:28  CCAC

2.6 Miler:

1. Dan Rideout          Provincetown, MA    16:29
2. Jim DuPont          Raynham, MA          17:40  SSAC
3. Tony LaRosa       Wilmington, MA        18:07  SSAC
4. Jeremy Selwyn    Cambridge, MA         18:12  SSAC
5. Scott Stevens      Holden, MA              18:13  SSAC
6. Ringo Davey        Somerville, MA          18:33
7. Paul Watson      Cambridge, MA          19:49  SSAC
8. Tess Shipley       Medford, MA   19:55  SSAC
9. Scott Lombardo   Somerville, MA          20:20
10. Frankie Keane   Charlestown, MA       20:54  SRR
11. John Grant        Medford, MA              21:32  NMC
12. Colleen Marinelli  Natick, MA     22:41  SSAC
13. Sammy Voolich   Somerville, MA         23:12  SSAC
14. Julie Campisano  Allston, MA     23:47
15. Jim Qualter       Cambridge, MA         23:58  SSAC
16.Janet Qualter    Cambridge, MA  26:14  SSAC
17. Brian Poli          Lynn, MA                  29:06  SSAC
18. Jack Curtin        Cambridge, MA        30:34  NMC
NMC= North Medford Club
SSAC= Somereville Striders Athletic Club
TMM=Team Mercury Multi-Sport
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
PRC= Parkway Running Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners