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Paulie's House Run

Worcester Urban, MA, August 14, 2006


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Paulie's House Run
SSAC West Headquarters
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester Urban, Massachusetts 01609

Well, he must have heard that Alexander Engel of the newly formed Worcester Track Club (good stuff that new clubs are forming in Worcester-it's healthy for the local running community) was plannin' on a return to Urban District 4 for some racing cause we haven't heard from Travis Thompson since "AE" as he is called around the girl's dormitory at Clark University decided to start off where he left off last summer...winnin' each week!!! We actualy had the entire Engel Famalia in the fold tonight..Young Engel up front, Old Man Engle in the middle of the pack and coach Mama Engel at the finish line cheerin' on the clan

Next week we have a summer seafoodfest planned for the post race in Paulie's backyard..courtesy of the Rochdale Road Runners who are donating the "shrimp scampi a la a Carpenter" and the Somerville Striders AC'ers who are donating the steamers & lobster!!! Senor Arturo French of the North Medford Club is bringing the Heineken.

And anyway, Central Mass may not be your average local weekly..cause it's a known running fact that running a race from a house can cause severe road race disorientation....but why not give it a try cause road race disorientation does go away and what the heck you may get privy to all the fun stuff that may be coming Worcester's way such as a Thanksgiving Day Road Race, a saloon race (ever heard of one of them?)..they went the way of the dinosaur in Worcester but brought back by Michael Crichton......ahhh there are so many fun things we can do in Worcester Urban if only some folks will rally around Paulie's House Run on Monday Nights!!

Only weeks away till the 3rd annual City of Worcester "Mayor's Run & Walk"'s on "The Big Fella" (that mean's free folks) and all are welcome.

1. Alexander Engel         Spencer, MA           18:11   WTC
2. Ron Trzcinski             Worcester, MA        22:15   CMS
3. Jose Carpenter           Rochdale, MA           23:06  RRR
4. Amy Paquette       Worcester, MA     23:07  CMS
5. Francis Real               Worcester, MA         23:13  CMS
6. Karen Bagni-Giarusso  Worcester, MA  23:14  CMS
7. Jack Goolsky             Rutland, MA             24:00  CMS
8. Arturo French                 Shrewsbury, MA   24:30  NMC
9. Tracy Flynn         Shrewsbury, MA    25:58  CMS
10. Mike Engel              Spencer, MA            27:45
11. Rob Marhefka          Worcester, MA         30:05  CHPR
12. Megan Woolhouse   Worcester, MA   30:18
CMS= Central Mass Striders
CHPR= Castle Hill Park Runners
NMC= North Medford Club
WTC= Worcester Track Club
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners