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Paulies House Run "Race to Newton Hill"

Worcester, MA, April 24, 2006

Overall results

April 23, 2006

Paulie's House Run "Race to Newton Hill"

SSAC Headquarters West
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester Urban-The Forbidden Zone
Massachusetts 01609

Hosted by the "urban before it was hip to be urban"
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

There was "The Race to Jeremy Point"in Wellfleet..few remember it and then there was tonights Paulie's House Run "Race to Newton Hill" that even fewer will remember in a few years..but it happened and the results are below to prove it!!!

A few scattered immediatly following the run..Barbara M. as she is called east of Rt. 128 -  and the Queen of Central Massachusetts Running west of it is probably still running...the rest settled down and partaked in the rosemary chicken, roasted potatoes & lemon aparagus cooked up by the chef of the house and sometimes part-time race director!! Yup, rosemary chicken, roasted potatoes & lemon aparagus post race at the weekly Paulie's House Run on Monday nights in Worcester Urban, Massachusetts....and if that doesn't get your eyes all watered up..then how about the upcoming Paulie's House Run "Half Marathon, 10Km & Half Marathon Team Relay"....happenin' on May 22, 2006?? 

"The Big Fellas" tip of the week - Rutland Recreation Ramble at 1PM in Rutland, Massachusetts..RD'd by Mrs. Jack Goolsky !!!

========================================================================= Women:
1. Barbara McManus         Oakham, MA              24:22   CMS
2. Sue Leo-Johnson     Worcester Urban, MA        25:24  CHPR
3. Clara Boyle       Athlone, Co. Westmeath, IRE   26:09  CU

1. Scott Stevens     Holden, MA                  24:20  SSAC
2. Joe Carpenter     Rochdale, MA               24:23  RRR
3. Jack Goolsky     Rutland, MA                  24:24  CMS
4. Mr. Lemerise      Worcester, MA             24:25  CMS

Hess to Hess Long Course:
1. Jim Whittemore        Worcester, MA          30:18   SSAC
CMS= Central Mass Striders
CHPR= Castle Hill Park Runners
CU= Clark University
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners