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D.A.V "Somerville 5.15 km"

Somerville, MA, April 13, 2006

Overall results

April 13, 2006

D.A.V. "Somerville 5.15Km"

Disabled American Veterans Club
616 Broadway-off Ball Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02145

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Maybe the best April in a long time..lets hope that the month of May is not a 31 days and 31 nights of rain brought on by the Great One, cause the Somerville Striders A.C. is heading down to the Charles River in two weeks to open up the summer time digs - American Legion Marsh Post #442!!!

The minute "The Big Fella" get's back from a needed break after 10+ years of weekly Somerville Thursday becomes an intimate affair!! Anyway it was an intimate moment and it was nice to see Ole man Charlie LaRosa & Jack Curtin back from their winter trips to Florida and the biggest of all names in New England Road Racing-Phil Keeley, Race Director of the Saturday Fresh Pond Races...the grand daddy of all weeklies!!
1. Beth Logan      Cambridge, MA        26:03   SSAC
2. Marla Lindsay  Medford, MA            31:33
3. Leah Rochelle  Cambridge, MA        31:333 SSAC
4. Sandy Peters   Somerville, MA         31:56  SSAC
1. Todd Hutchinson     Arlington, MA       19:58  SSAC
2. Cam Manning         Medford, MA         20:05  SSAC
3. Dave LaPierre        Medford, MA          20:21
4. Tod Rasmussen     Somerville, MA      20:39
5. Pat Moore             Cambridge, MA      20:48
6. Tony LaRosa         Wilminton, MA      21:52  SSAC
7. Jim DuPont           Raynham, MA        22:24  CRR
8. Larry Davey           Somerville, MA      23:25
9. Scott Stevens       Holden, MA            24:28  SSAC
10. Doug ???            Medford, MA          27:17
11. Paul Watson       Cambridge, MA      27:44  SSAC
12. Dave Morse        Cambridge, MA       28:46
13. Tom Holmes       Somerville, MA       29:22  SSAC
14. Greg Ernst         Weymouth, MA       35:19  CCAC
CRR=Colonial Road Runners
SSAC= Somerville Road Runners
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club