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Marsh Post 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, September 8, 2005

Overall Results

American Legion Marsh Post #442

American Legion Marsh Post #442

5 Greenough Blvd.-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club



As quiet a night on the Charles as has been in a long time....I could be losing my knack for putting together a good size crowd..perhaps my 13 1/2 minutes of Andy Warhol fame has expired.....anyhow our most prized ole dinosaur-Jack Curtin couldn't make it tonight due to cataract surgery but he had worked out a replacement from his famed North Medford the name of Bruce Migell of Watertown, MA...Bruce goes so far back that he recalled to us the time when one could go to dinner and a movie for a buck fifty and still have change to run a Fred Brown race somewhere out in Templeton, Massachusetts including the gas to get there and back!! I am really kiddin' but Bruce is old and still got the steam to run 2.6 miles +



1. Tess Shipley            Medford, MA        19:17  SSAC

2. Beth Logan              Cambridge, MA    21:58  SSAC
3. Mary Martin             Brighton, MA        22:06  SRC

4. Kerstin Johnson       Somerville, MA      23:17  SSAC

5. Joanna Whooley      Charlestown, MA   23:18 

6. Anne-Marie Shipley  Medford, MA         23:19  SSAC

7. Amy Williams          Somerville, MA      25:19  SSAC
8. Beverly Zaluk           Somerville, MA      28:29  SSAC




1. Rob Soria            Padania                 16:11

2. Cam Manning      Somerville, MA       16:24  SSAC

3. Neil Cullen          Cambridge, MA       17:15  SSAC

4. Jeremy Selwyn    Cambridge, MA       17:59  SSAC

5. Chris DeGrale      Cambridgeport, MA  18:34

6. Tony LaRosa       Wilmington, MA       18:37  SSAC

7. Sammy Voolich    Boston, MA           22:47  SSAC

8. Bruce Migell        Watertown, MA       27:00  NMC


Rules Challenged:


1. # 177                   20:08

2. #110                    20:09
3. #101                    21:38


NMC= North Medford Club

SRC= Stellar Running Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club