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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15 Km

Somerville, MA, October 6, 2005

Overall Results

Disabled American Veterans Club

Disabled American Veterans Club

616 Broadway - off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club



All you could hear from the mouth of 71plusser Jack Curtin as he was quenching his thirst with a cold Budweiser this evening was "I shoulda run tonight"...who needs to beat up Greg Ernst anymore when I could take down an even biggah slower fellah!!

A wise ole man still talkin' smack--Somerville blood runs deep in his veins:>)

Well we are back in Somerville...great Somerville course, pizza and cold beer--should be a fun fall, winter & spring.

The Somerville Striders A.C., friends of the SSAC, lively gals and big stuff slowpoke 5Km runners meet every Thursday Night . All others are welcome!




1. Beth Logan          Cambridge, MA        26:32  SSAC

2. Kirsten Johnson   Somerville, MA         30:09  SSAC

3. Colleen Marinelli   Natick, MA               30:10  SSAC

4. Elena Jacubiak    Arlington, MA            32:49  SSAC

5. Rebekah Coble    Somerville, MA         32:50  SSAC



1.Cam Manning       Somerville, MA        19:56  SSAC

2. Todd Hutchinson  Arlington, MA           21:46  SSAC

3. Jeremy Selwyn    Cambridge, MA        23:16  SSAC

4. Tod Rasmussen   Somerville, MA        24:35

5. Sean Brady         Somerville, MA          24:44

6. Tony LaRosa        Wilmington, MA        26:21  SSAC

7. Charlie LaRosa    Revere, MA               26:22  SSAC

8. P.W. Collyer        Worcester, MA           39:45  CHPR


Honorable Mention-Short Course:


1. Sandra Peters          Somerville, MA       27:23  SSAC


SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CHPR= Castle Hill Park Runner