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D.A.V. Noah's Ark 5.15Km

Somerville, MA, October 13, 2005

Overall Results


616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Many thanks to Jim DuPont, Race Director of the upcoming Frostbite 15Km in Raynham, MA for taking on the weekly D.A.V. duties the past two weeks...perfect night for running just had to make sure you took the right at North Street off of Broadway and missed the pot hole and you were okay...the rain held off and there was only a brief head wind coming up Powderhouse Blvd....

Happy Birthday to Bev. Zaluk, good luck to Beth Logan who is running her very first half marathon in Lowell this weekend and congratulations to Michelle McAndrew who is now sporting a very sharp diamond ring courtesy of the Brockton High School Cross Country Coach, John Barry...this new Brockton/Somerville connection turned out even better than I ever thought it would:>)



1. Beth Logan                Cambridge, MA               27:58  SSAC

2. Michelle McAndrew    Somerville, MA                28:36  SSAC

3. Rebekah Coble          Somerville, MA                29:34  SSAC

4. Colleen Marinelli        Somerville, MA                32:23  SSAC

5. Tess Shipley             Medford, MA                    32:24  SSAC

6. Beverly Zaluk             Somerville, MA                35:35  SSAC 



1. Cameron Manning           Somerville, MA             19:42  SSAC

2. Todd Hutchinson             Arlington, MA               21:23  SSAC

3. Jeremy Selwyn               Cambridge, MA            23:49  SSAC

4. Shaun Brady                   Somerville, MA            25:18  BTT

5. Charlie LaRosa               Revere, MA                  25:50  SSAC

6. Dave Morse                    Cambridge, MA            34:13

7. P.W. Collyer                   Worcester, MA            36:12  CHPR

8. Brian Poli                       Lynn, MA                    38:57  SSAC



BTT = Boston Triathlon Team

CHPR = Castle Hill Park Runners

SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club