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Paulie's House Run

Worcester, MA, October 10, 2005

Overall Results

The Big Fella's House

The Big Fella's House
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2 Rear
Worcester Urban, Massachusetts 01609

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Tonights Course was 2.37 miles

Cold, Rain and it felt like Snow tonight....small crowd but a tough crowd!!

Joe Carpenter of the Rochdale Road Runners owned the Mean Streets of Main South-Worcester tonight...but Scott Stevens was a no-show...cause he ran the B.A.A. Half Marathon yesterday and he had weak legs week it's mano-to-mano...Joe against Scott...and if Rob Marhefka shows up they are both in trouble!!!

See ya next
Paulie's House Run......even Paulie's runnin'!!


1. Clara Boyle           Athlone, Co. Westmeath, IRE    23:06 
2. Samantha Clark    Worcester, MA                        23:10  CU
3. Joanna Grant        Medford, MA                          25:34
4. Philomena Keeley Everett, MA                              27:45


1. Joe Carpenter        Rochdale, MA        20:11   RRR
2. Bo Bradley            Spencer, MA          23:45
3. Keith Winstanley   Franklin, MA          23:47
4. P.W. Collyer         Worcester, MA        26:42   SSAC

CU= Clark University
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club