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Paulie's Holiday House Run and BBQ

Worcester, MA, November 21, 2005

Overall Results

224 1/2 Chandler Street #2

224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester Urban, Massachusetts 01609

Hosted by
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Add a dash of BBQ'd steak tips, a pinch of baked beans and a splash of Smithwick's Ale prounounced "Smiticks" in all the cozy pubs around Boston and Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland and as quick as you can say "I'll have another" you have an instant road race!!

I had to go out of town for most of the talent tonight cause the local yocals just won't come unless they get a special invite and Sex in the City isn't on but that's okay cause when "Fat" Tony Lucia of the Empire One Running Club and Agawam, MA or Dan Dodson of Methuen, MA  make the effort then you got personality showin' up and that's all you need to have a road race even in Worcester, MA- home of the first man-made rocket and the ole Green Parrot Lounge!!



1. Susan Leo-Johnson  Worcester, MA          21:40  CHPR 

2. Deb Jezierski           Charlton, MA             24:03

3. Jen Lyford                Worcester, MA          24:09

4. Clara Boyle  Athlone, Co. Westmeath, IRE  24:11  CU




1. Scott Stevens         Holden, MA              20:33  SSAC

2. Joe Carpenter         Rochdale, MA           20:34  CMS

3. Traves Thompson    Worcester, MA         20:35  NTC

4. Jim Jezierski          Charlton, MA             24:04

5. Tony Lucia             Agawam, MA            24:09  EORC


Speed Walking Division:


1. Daniel Dodson          Methuen, MA           33:01



EORC = Empire One Running Club
CHPR = Castle Hill Park Runners
CU = Clark University
SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CMS = Central Mass Striders
NTC = Nordica Track Club