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Felton Frolic

Marlborough, MA, May 3, 2005


A Steve Peterson production...

Felton Frolic
Felton Conservation - Marlboro MA
12:15 PM May 3, 2005
2.8 miles 
Pl	Name			Club&Company		Time
1 Dave Dunham        	CMS/IRS         		16:03 
2 Ken Tripp             WCRC/Sepracor   		17:22 
3 Steve Peterson    	CMS/Concord           	20:13 
4 Patrick Mousaw   	Sepracor              	20:18 
5 John Piekos          	Grey Wolves/EasyAsk	21:38 
6 John Parker           TVFR/Framatome  		25:50 
7 Dennis Lindenberg 	Concord         		26:31 
8 Dave Wheat          	Concord         		27:22 
9 Rich Busa             Saucony         		27:40 
1.4 miles 
1 Bill Morse            Marlboro HS Alum        9:52 
2 Brett Johnson       	Concord/Northeastern 	16:58 
3 Steve Destafano   	Concord/Northeastern 	19:13 
Plus many other walkers/hikers who started early or late. 
Thanks to all who ran, walked and helped out.  
Kudos to those who managed to keep their feet free from mud.  
Sorry if I misled people into thinking mud was not a was, wasn't it!!
Sorry about the lack of water, I had it in my trunk but forgot to put it out.  My bad!! 
I think the course lengths were a bit short.   Probably more like 2.8 miles and 1.4 miles. 
I am hoping to have another race in October with less mud. 
Steve Peterson RD