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Millennium Park Race Series #4 of 4

West Roxbury, MA, May 26, 2005


C. Hussey...Parkway Running Club

For more race information, see Parkway Running Club...We meet @ W.R./Roslindale YMCA .

What a nice group! In just a few seconds and Timothy's command there off!
What a nice group! In just a few seconds and Timothy's command there off!

 A very damp evening, what a surprise! A terrific group of runners braved the conditions
and seemed to enjoy themselves. Mr. consistent, Brian Savage won the five mile course
for the fourth consecutive week in a time of 32:09. Very tough to do on this course.
John Durocher was the first to cross the line in the 2.5 mile @15:42. Julie Donohoe-
Hussey won the 2.5 mile and made it four wins in a row here in 17:01. All of the finishers
received runner pins to highlight their running attire. 
The finest BPD motorcycle escort (Officer Dan) led all runners through to the finish.
Stay tuned for another quick four week fall series..maybe trails this time...
2.5 miles
1. John Durochers                       Dedham, Ma             15:42
*2. Jeff Mader (paused then ran 1 more loop)             15:46
2. Keith Sheilds                          Roslindale,MA(NH) 16:17
3. Ben Mayer-Abbott                                                    16:56
4. Julie Donohoe-Hussey            West Roxbury, MA    17:01
5. Stuart Rose                              West Roxbury,MA     17:36
6. Ruben Carrizosa                       West Roxbury,MA     18:??
7. Jeanne Humphreys                     West Roxbury,MA    19:19
8. Carol Hani                                 Concord,MA             20:26
9. Linda Moraski                                                              20:37
10.Ed Gay                                      West Roxbury,MA     20:37
11.Chris A. Hussey (last weeks winner) Medfield,HS     20:58
12.Cindy Gillan                               Dedham,MA             21:08
13.Kara Holmquist                          Roslindale,MA         21:08
14.Jim Gay                                                                        22:20
5.0 miles
Brian Savage                                   West Roxbury,MA    32:09
*Jeff Mader                                        Dedham, MA            34:59