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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15 Km

Somerville, MA, March 31, 2005

Overall Results

Todd Hutchinson
Todd Hutchinson


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)

616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, MA 02145


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club



Look! Up in the sky, it's a bird, no it's a it's Todd Hutchinson breaking 21 minutes for the first time on a Thursday night in Somerville, Massachusetts...and he states that he owes it all to "Grandpa Po's Nutra Nuts" and you should to if you want to be able to perform super human feats of strength and endurance on a Thursday night in Somerville, Massachusetts:>)


Now enough of the nonsense..he should be breaking 21 every week..look how damn skinny he is!!


A Big Fella favorite and coached athlete....Beth Logan also made history tonight - breaking 29 minutes and she states she owes it all to big glasses of cold frosty Fosters Beer - every late night she can in Brisbane, can a gal like this not be a favorite of everyone:>)


Anywho..the clock is ticking down or up..on our weekly runs in Somerville and soon we will be at the summer do join us if you can?

Marsh Post Races - May-September 2005


The BlueBirds:


1. Erin Morrissey             Poughkeepsie, NY      24:59

2. Kerstin Johnson           Somervile, MA           28:52  SSAC

3. Beth Logan                  Cambridge, MA          28:53 SSAC

4. Beverly Zaluk               Somerville, MA           30:20  SSAC

5. Sandra Peters              Somerville, MA           30:33  SSAC

6. Elena Jacubiak            Arlington, MA              31:17  SSAC

7. Amy Williams              Somerville, MA           31:18  SSAC

8. Rebekah Coble            Somerville, MA            31:40  SSAC

9. Kara Lamareux            Medford, MA               31:44


The Crows:


1. TODD HUTCHINSON        Stoneham, MA        20:28  SSAC

2. Daren Fiske                     Somerville, MA        21:18  SSAC

3. Jeremy Selwyn                Cambridge, MA        21:52  SSAC

4. Brendan McWilliams        Arlington, MA           24:60  SSAC

5. Brian Kelly                       Chatham, MA          25:42  CCAC

6. David Brighouse               Watertown, MA        25:52  SSAC

7. Charlie LaRosa                Revere, MA             26:40  SSAC

8. Tony LaRosa                   Wilmington, MA       27:07  SSAC

9. Paul Watson                   Cambridge, MA        27:37  SSAC

10. Paul Haber                    Newton, MA             28:46

11. Cam Manning                Somerville, MA          32:08  SSAC


Honorable MOM & SON Short Course:


1. Jack Brighouse      Watertown, MA     26:09      SSAC

2. Nicole Brighouse    Watertown, MA     26:091    SSAC


Stealing More Of Our Women Division For A Few
Pub Stops Along The Way Course:

1. Neil Cullen                    Cambridge, MA           ???

2. Colleen Marinelli   Natick (can you get there from here), MA               ???

3. Tess Shipley                 Medford, MA               ???              
4. Anne-Marie Shipley       Medford, MA                ??????????????????????