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Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler

Worcester, MA, June 20, 2005

Overall Results

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street - off Queen Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

A handful tonight didn't believe me when I said I wasn't that smart and they didn't complete the registration bib# next to a name and I can't put a name to a bib# on someone I don't know that we have a few nameless runners tonight!!

Anyway, I have solved the problem of getting folks to run from Castle Hill Park in droves...hamburgers and hotdogs--folks will do anything for hamburgers and hot dogs...especially when they are on "The Big Fella" to last years Worcester's Labor Day Mayor's Run...tonight was our biggest crowd…hamburgers and hot dogs--the common thread!!!


Well, I have to write about the young whippersnapper tonight...cause he won the highly coveted "Central Massachusetts Triple Crown Road Racing Title" last week...and only a handful of folks have ever done one big hip, hip hooray to Alexander Engel of Spencer, Massachusetts who may just yet be the greatest road runner to come out of Central Massachusetts...if I'm wrong tell me one other cat who can/will do what Alexander did last week?????


Castle Hill Park 3 Miler - 1st Place

Rochdale 3 Miler - 1st Place

Paxton Road Race - 1st Place

Lastly...the whole Central Mass road racing community is packing its bags and heading out to Boston, Massachusetts this Sunday to run in the New Charles River Run...I'll be there, how about you???

Special Thanks to the Red Bull gals who stopped by in the specially equipped Red Bull Mobile...they passed out free Red Bull and just helped make it a nice running experience for most this evening...nice time up in "The Hill" tonight!!





1. Kathleen Kasper         Spencer, MA          20:48   CMS

2. Carol Hurley               Spencer, MA           21:38   CMS

3. Jen Hurley                  Spencer, MA           21:39

4. Karla Walter               Rochdale, MA         21:57   RRR

5. Susan Kasper            Spencer, MA           23:01   CMS

6. Cyndi Rup                  Boylston, MA          23:26   CMS

7. Lara Bold                  Worcester, MA         24:21

8. Marta Carlson            Paxton, MA              25:02  CMS

9. Sue Leo-Johnson        Worcester, MA       25:26  CHPR

10. Dorothy Fennell        Worcester, MA        28:55

11. Dawne Benoit           Barre, MA                30:10

12. Jennifer Lyford          Worcester, MA        30:15




1. Alexander Engel           Spencer, MA         17:36 

2. Marty Barry                  Clinton, MA             20:16  MVS

3. Peter Sulski                 Worcester, MA       20:30  CHPR

4. Ron Trzcinski               Worcester, MA       20:46

5. Joe Carpenter              Rochdale, MA        20:56  RRR

6. Dave J. Colburn            Worcester, MA      21:18

7. Andy Wilson               Worcester, MA        21:33

8. J.J. Goolsky                 Rutland, MA           21:41  CMS

9. Scott Stevens              Holden, MA            23:20  SSAC

10. Bill Kasper                 Spencer, MA          23:47  CMS

11. Carl Gentile               Worcester, MA       23:57  NMC  

12. Bill Lazott                  Westboro, MA         25:52

13. Rob Marhefka            Worcester, MA       27:54



Thinkin' About The Burgers Before The Race:


1. #1105           23:06

2. #981            23:40

3. #550            25:33
4. #1085          25:34 




CMS = Central Mass Striders

RR = Rochdale Road Runners

NMC = North Medford Club

SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club

CHPR = Castle Hill Park Runners

MVS = Merrimack Valley Striders