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Castle Hill Park Monday Night HEAT WAVE 3 Miler

Worcester , MA, June 13, 2005

Overall Results

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park
Ely Street-off Queen Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

More men than women tonight and it was a scorcher....but ah the sweet smell of competition between the sexes can make it's way thru any heatwave - and we were 2+ from last week so I'll call tonight a Pick-Em!

A young whippersnapper from the David Prouty High School Track Team in Spencer, MA smoked the field tonight...young whippersnappers are supposed to do I won't say much about it..and anyway the real battle tonight was between Kathleen Kasper and Andy Wilson running WAY UP Queen's a steep hill at the end and if you have no gas in the tank..well just ask Andy Wilson what happens when a fresh set of legs are in front of you!!!


Next week we are having a wee BBQ and it is on the Castle Hill Runners & Somerville Striders AC... so leave a little time on your Monday Night schedule for some post race burgers and dogs.....feel free to bring along something to go with the burgers and dogs if you are of the bring along type..I'm a guy and I am only good at flippin' and rollin':>)





1. Kathleen Kasper         Worcester, MA     22:10  CMS

2. Susan Kasper             Worcester, MA    23:30   CMS

3. Kate Lowe                  Worcester, MA     24:57 

4. Cyndi Rup                   Boylston, MA      24:59  

5. Lara Bold                    Worcester, MA    27:18

6. Susan Leo-Johnson     Worcester, MA     27:28  CHR

7. Amee Tejani               Chatanooga, TN    28:03 




1. Alexander Engel        Spencer, MA         18:32  DPHS

2. Ron Trzcinski            Worcester, MA      21:29

3. Andy Wilson             Worcester, MA      22:14

4. Art French                 Shrewsbury, MA   24:21  NMC

5. Carl Gentile               Worcester, MA      25:38  NMC

6. Bill Lazott                 Westboro, MA       26:44

7. Jim Whittemore         Worcester, MA      26:58  SSAC

8. Rob Marhefka           Worcester, MA      28:25



DPHS= David Prouty High School

CMS= Central Mass Striders 

CHR= Castle Hill Runners
NMC= North Medford Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club