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Merrimack river trail race

Andover, MA, July 4, 2005

Complete results

15m race winner Stephen Peterson
15m race winner Stephen Peterson

Merrimack River no, no, no race
No entry
No wimps
No whining
Low key race with marked course, mile markers, water, and your choice of distance.
6:00 AM start
1. Justin Dore 4:35:50 Watertown, MA
2. Norm Sheppard 5:17:18 Bedford, MA
3. Bill Morse 5:24:15 Dracut, MA
1. (tie) Greg Ward 2:32:00 Holden, MA CMS
1. (tie) Dan Verrington 2:32:00 Bradford, MA CMS
1. Stephen Peterson 1:36:01 Chelmsford, MA CMS/Gray Wolves TR
2. Dave Dunham 1:36:06 Bradford, MA CMS/La Sportiva
3. Ken Tripp 1:39:49 Amesbury, MA Winners Circle
4. Rob Smith 1:39:59 Charlestown, MA CMS
1. Dave Geary 1:30:28.3 Gloucester, MA Team Gloucester
2. Wes Lassen 1:30:28.4 Gloucester, MA Team Gloucester
1. (tie) Cath 1:12:00 Winners Circle
1. (tie) M to the J 1:12:00 Winners Circle