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Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler

Worcester , MA, July 18, 2005

Overall Results

The start of the race
The start of the race

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street - off Queen Street

Worcester Urban, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club


He brings his kids to run tonight at the Castle Hill Cross Country for Kid's…also volunteering on the course and then he beats Paul Sherrin by half a nostril hair in what has become the most exciting finish in 2005 on "The Hill" congrats to Joe Carpenter of Rochdale, MA which is really just the toney part of Leicester, Massachusetts:>)


And the Dynamic Duo has nothing on the mother/daugher team of Susan & Kathleen Kasper…one’s real fast and the other one is just fast...anyway another "Big Win" for Kathleen tonight...she may not get that full boat to college with all these wins on Monday night...but she could very well win CMS Runner of the Year they give out an award for that??


The Gals:


1. Kathleen Kasper          Worcester, MA          21:58   CMS

2. Caitlan Dwyer              Worcester, MA          22:38

3. Susan Kasper             Worcester, MA             22:57  CMS

4. Cyndi Rupp                 Boylston, MA               23:01  CMS

5. Susan Leo-Johnson      Worcester, MA         27:14  CHPR


The Guys:


1. Alex Engle            Spencer, MA                  18:18 

2. Nick Petruczis       Worcester, MA               20:56

3. Andy Wilson          Worcester, MA               21:12

4. Rob Trzcinski        Worcester, MA                21:23 

5. Joe Carpenter        Rochdale, MA             22:12  RRR

6. Paul Sherrin           Auburn, MA                   22:12.1

7. Scott Stevens        Holden, MA                   22:23  SSAC

8. Sam Stratton         Wilbraham, MA            22:49

9. Mr. Art French       Shrewsbury, MA            23:09  NMC

10. Ken Black           Quincy, MA                      24:33

11. Glenn Szalay        Charlton, MA                25:12  CMS

12. Carl Gentile          Worcester, MA             25:13  NMC

13. Rob Marhefka       Worcester, MA             26:41

14. David J. Colburn    Worcester, MA            26:42  CMS


CMS= Central Mass Striders
NMC= North Medford Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

RRR= Rochdale Road Runners

CHPR= Castle Hill Park Runners