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Castle Hill Park X-Country for Kids

Worcester, MA, July 11, 2005

Overall Results

Davalia and Kandace Wilmot on the bell lap!!
Davalia and Kandace Wilmot on the bell lap!!

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street-off Queen Street

Worcester Proper, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
& the Castle Hill Park Runners


When "The Big Fella" tells ya that the girls of the World are taking over..listen to him:>) No boys showed up tonight..for that matter not one kid from the local hood did either...perhaps they were all at the Worcester YMCA Evening Camp:>).....but the girls did come out tonight and they supported this new upstart youth meet up on "The Hill" yah "The Hill"!!!

The Big Contest tonight was between two members of the Christian Liberty Home School Harriers..and also two from the same household..Davalia and Kandace Wilmot were the two best in the 3/4 Mile and boy did they smoke the field:>) Wanna bet they arm wrestled later on in the night to see who turns out the light before bed:>)


And if you wanna see who one the cutest photo shoot of the night..then go to the web site and check out the pic of Elyse Whittemore in her debut racing win..I can use the word cute in the post race report cause only the girls supported it tonight and girls are cute:>)


50 Yard Dash:


1. Elyse Whittemore           Worcester, MA           :58:00   SSAC 

2. Cary Smythe                  Oxford, MA               1:03:00

3. Marly Yost                      Spencer, MA            1:04:00


3/4 Mile:


1. Davalia Wilmot              North Oxford, MA            4:45  CLHSH

2. Kandace Wilmot           North Oxford, MA             5:58  CLHSH

3. Courtney Mannix           Worcester, MA                6:03

4. Ryan Bassett               Brewster, MA                  6:19   SSAC

5. Patty Doyle                  Spencer, MA                   7:05


CLHSH= Christian Liberty Home School Harriers
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club