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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15 Km

Somerville, MA, January 20, 2005

Overall Results


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)

616 Broadway-off Ball Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02145

     We made a star of him too soon last week...Paul Hahn gets his picture published with our weekly race results last week and then he is a no-show this week...mucho thanks to Jim DuPont, THE Jim DuPont of the Frostbite 15Km fame for handling the race tonight as the Big Fella had a pressing engagement with a long leggy redhead and he could not make it! It does not happen that often - not makin' the Thursday night races that is:>)

1.  Todd Hutchinson        Stoneham, MA        SSAC  21:19

2.  Noel Robinson             Boston, MA                           22:28

3.  Darren Fiske                 Somerville, MA        SSAC  22:38

4.  Kim Ventris                   Somerville, MA                    23:30

5.  Andrew Butner            Somerville, MA                    23:40

6.  Cameron Manning   Somerville, MA        SSAC  23:51

7.  Jeremy Selwyn           Cambridge, MA     SSAC  24:05

8.  David Lopez                 Jamaica Plain, MA           24:14

9.  Tony LaRosa                 Wilmington, MA      SSAC  24:21

10. Matzi Neuber              Boston, MA               SSAC  24:22

11. Michelle McAndrew  Newmarket, NH    SSAC  25:30

12. Marie Christian           Jackson, MS            SSAC 27:16

13. Kevin Christian           Dorchester, MA       SSAC  27:17

14. Kersten Johnson        Somerville, MA        SSAC  30:51

15. Sarah Faccidomo    Arlington, MA          SSAC  30:59

16. Beth Logan                  Cambridge, MA    SSAC   32:45

17. Terri Shipley                Medford, MA           SSAC  32:49

18. Anne Marie Shipley  Medford, MA           SSAC  32:50

19. Elena Jacubiak         Arlington, MA          SSAC  34:12

20. Amy Williams             Somerville, MA        SSAC  34:14

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club