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Arlington Wednesday Night Fun Run

Arlington, MA, February 2, 2005


    Name                  Town/City        Time   Distance 
1. Jonathan Su            Arlington         24:08  3.5
2. Marian Rafferty        Arlington         25:16  2.8
3. David Lane             Medford           25:17  2.8
4. Jerome Lang            Arlington         27:31  3.5
5. Kaushik Nanavati       Arlington         30:33  2.8 

Twice-weekly 7:00pm 2.8 or 3.5 mile group run hosted at Fitness 
First Health Club, 471 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, 
on Monday and Wednesday evenings. We run a road loop that 
starts at the Center in front of the club.  We are here rain,
snow, sunshine, cold or hot-there is always someone to run with!

Come celebrate the World Famous Khoury's Thursday Night 4.13 Mile Run 10th 
Birthday Run  Feb. 3rd   7PM!     The run is Free and so is the Pizza this 
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