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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15 Km

Somerville, MA, February 24, 2005

Overall Results

The Start Of Another Cold Race
The Start Of Another Cold Race


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)

616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts


Hosted by the "hot as hell" Somerville Striders Athletic Club

     A nice visit from the coach of the Brockton High School Cross Country Team tonight - John Barry...John is much faster than what he ran tonight...minus the whizzing bullets, speeding cabs, and burning buildings that John usually has to speed by while running in Brockton...tonight’s run in a pretty much bucolic Somerville was tame so he took it easy. Boy do I miss the good "ole Somerville":>)



Our Women:


1. Catherine Cornell          Somerville, MA       24:09

2. Kerstin Johnson            Somerville, MA       30:59   SSAC

3. Beth Logan                  Cambridge, MA      32:00    SSAC

4. Elena Jacubiak             Arlington, MA         32:01   SSAC


The Men:


1. John Barry          Easton, MA             21:26

2. Daren Fiske        Cambridge, MA        21:40  SSAC

3. Kim Ventris        Somerville, MA         22:45

4. Jeremy Selwyn   Cambridge, MA        22:46  SSAC

5. David Lopez        Jamaica Plain, MA   23:04

6. Drew Butner        Somerville, MA        23:23

7. Neil Cullen          Cambridge, MA        24:02  SSAC

8. John Frain          Somerville, MA         27:28  SRR

9. Sean Casey        Somerville, MA         27:30  SRR

10. Paul Watson     Cambridge, MA        27:55  SSAC



SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

SRR= Somerville Road Runners