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D.A.V. "2005 Somerville Last Call 5.15Km"

Somerville, MA, December 29, 2005

Overall Results


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)

616 Broadway off Ball Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02145

Hosted by the "New"
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

John Barry was able to stroll into the "Ville" tonight for an easy run with his soon to be SSAC bride Michelle McAndrew-the winningest women in Somerville Road Racing history and just take it easy after a grueling fall X-Country season as coach of the MIAA Division I State Cross Country Champions - Brockton High School X-Country Team better known as "Da Boxahs" in muddy cross country circles are the country and Stillman's Gym in the ole Navy Yard section of Brooklyn !!

John predicted back in January 2005 to me at a bar in Hyannis, Massachusetts that this was the year and it big congrats to JB who by all accounts has had a great year and 2006 will only be better!!

I know that tonight was a race in Somerville but I am gonna babble on a wee bit more about Brockton...cause I think it matters...and if I think somethin' matters..I, well rabble & babble on..thats the charm of "The Big Fella"!!

I met another coach of "Da Boxah's" at a wedding in Connecticut back in 2003 or 2004..who can remember such things and he told me the team was good and was on the way up but the coaches needed some bread (for new peeps to Somerville..that means $$$$) they could get the kid's some nice jackets and other sorts of swag to keep em' goin' and pumped--City of Brockton budget cuts killed em'!! So I said, "would the kid's come up to toney Boston by the Charles, to volunteer at the New Charles River Run, and if so I'll drop a grand in the bucket"...well they did and since then they have volunteered at many more events for the Somerville Striders A.C. and more coin has been dropped in "Da Boxah's" bucket as well as Mizuno jumping in to help-Thanks Ryan, the Colonial Road Runners pitchin' in as well as the Brockton Rox AND maybe you after you read this
American Success Story....and I do an mean an American Success Story as "Da Boxah's" as they like to be called has a biggah mix of nationalities on the team than anything Ellis Island ever had!!!

Anyway, big time on the town tonight--our biggest crowd of runners and hangers on...some call em' groupies and this was nice as I think the SSAC is startin' to settle back in to its fall, winter & spring digs at the Disabled American Veterans Club come on down and settle in with us in 2006!!

Happy New Year from the Somerville Striders A.C. & "Da Big Fella"

D.A.V. Somerville 5.15Km
 every Thursday night in "The Ville"



1. Michelle McAndrew        Somerville, MA          26:08  SSAC

2. Sue Leo-Johnson           Worcester, MA          28:10  CHPR

3. Tricia Mitchell                Somerville, MA          29:02  SSAC

4. Susan Boches               Somerville, MA          29:03  SSAC

5. Elena Jacubiak              Arlington, MA            30:48  SSAC

6. Tess Shipley                Seneca Falls, NY       30:49  SSAC

7. Rebekah Coble              Somerville, MA          30:50  SSAC

8. Kathleen Kieran             Ann Arbor, MI           38:42





1. Cameron Manning           Somerville, MA         19:24  SSAC

2. Matt Corcoran                 Weymouth, MA        20:32  SSAC

3. Todd Hutchinson             Arlington, MA           20:42  SSAC

4. Pat Moore                       Cambridge, MA       20:53

5. Tod Rasmussen              Somerville, MA         20:57

6. Traves Thompson            Worcester, MA         21:07  NTC

7. Neil Cullen                      Cambridge, MA        22:29  SSAC

8. Jeremy Selwyn               Cambridge, MA        23:34  SSAC

9. Tony LaRosa                   Wilmington, MA       24:11  SSAC

10. Larry Davey                   Somerville, MA         24:33  SDT

11. Jerry Shine                    Somerville, MA        25:42  SDT

12. John Barry                    Easton, MA              26:09  BHSXC

13. Charlie LaRosa              Revere, MA             27:44  SSAC

14. Chris O'Leary                Quincy, MA             28:11

15. Big Sammy Voolich      Somerville, MA          29:48  SSAC

16. Dave Morse                  Cambridge, MA         30:11  USACFRF

17. Greg "Phat Ernie" Ernst  Weymouth, MA       38:19  CCAC

18. Ray Myers-Kieran          Somerville, MA         38:42

Short Course:


1. Beverly Zaluk            Somerville, MA           32:26  SSAC



CCAC = Cape Cod Athletic Club
BHS = Brocton High School X-Country
SDT = Somerville Diving Team
CHPR = Castle Hill Park Runner
SSAC = Somerville Striders Athletic Club
NTC = Nordica Track Club
USACFRF = USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation