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Dog Days of Summer Team Relay and Lazy Days of Summer Buffalo Run

Cambridge, MA, August 4, 2005

Overall Results

American Legion Marsh Post #442

American Legion Marsh Post #442

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club



The Dog Days of Summer Team Relay (5.2 Miles):


1. Team       Cambridge, MA         35.44

    Jeremy Selwyn & Rob Soria

2. All In The Family                Revere, MA               41:06

    Anthony LaRosa & Charles LaRosa

3. Super Spectacular Amazing Chicks  (SSAC)    Cambridge, MA          44:57

    Beth Logan & Anne Marie Shipley 

The Lazy Days of Summer Buffalo Run (2.6 Miles):



1. Clare Smith               Lexington, MA            17:42   BBN

2. Julie Kearney             Franklin, MA              28:31




1. Mathias Donelan         Scituate, MA            16:05    BBN

2. David Lamb                 Weston, MA             16:06   BBN

3. Neil Cullen                  Cambridge, MA        17:36   SSAC

4. Scott Stevens              Holden, MA              19:06  SSAC

5. Chuck Stickney          Norwood, MA            19:59

6. Rick Hersey                Medfield, MA            20:19   NMC

7. Ron Cavage               Phoenix, Arizona        24:20  USACFRF

8. Matt Corcoran            Weymouth, MA         24:24   SSAC

9. Jack Curtin                Cambridge, MA          30:21  SSAC

10. Greg Ernst               Weymouth, MA          34:05  CCAC



CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club

NMC= North Medford Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

BBN= Buckingham, Brown & Nichols High School