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Marsh Post BBQ Chicken Run

Cambridge, MA, August 18, 2005

Overall Results

American Legion Marsh Post #442

American Legion Marsh Post #442

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge
Cambridge, MA 02138

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club 



Don't tell Jack Curtin that he can't hold back Father Time...cause at 70+ Jack is only getting better and his best of the 2005 Summer Season down at the Marsh Post happened tonight--29:27....a cool breeze, cold Harpoon Beer and BBQ Chicken at the Finish Line always makes me run faster so why not 70 plusser Jack Curtin!!

2005 Summer Season down at the Marsh Post is winding down...we plan to stay down there into September.,.and then it is back to the Somerville Homestead at the Disabled American Veterans Club in October 2005.




1. Sarah Stanton        Belmont, MA          18:52  BBN

2. MaryEllen Sawyer  Newton, MA            18:56

3. Marcella Norton      Woburn, MA           19:17
4. Beth Logan            Cambridge, MA       21:22  SSAC

5. Joanne Whooley    Charlestown, MA     21:59

6. Colleen Marinelli     Natick, MA             22:26  SSAC

7. Tess Shipley          Medford, MA           22:27  SSAC

8. Rebekah Coble      Somerville, MA        22:28  SSAC

9. Joanna Hersey       Medway, MA          22:50

10. Kerstin Johnson   Somerville, MA        23:41  SSAC

11. Sandra Peters      Somerville, MA        26:07  SSAC
12. Beverly Zaluk       Somerville, MA        28:30  SSAC  


13. Claire Smith  ????   need to follow registration directions!
14. Lauren Adams  ???  need to follow registration directions!


1. Ted Norton          Woburn, MA             15:33

2. Cam Manning      Somerville, MA         15:59  SSAC

3. Sanjay Ram        Cambridge, MA         16:43  CRC

4. Neil Cullen          Cambridge, MA         17:05  SSAC

5. Jeremy Selwyn    Cambridge, MA        17:44  SSAC

6. Todd Hutchinson  Arlington, MA           18:42  SSAC

7. Mathias Donelan  Scituate, MA            18:53  BBN

8. David Lamb         Weston, MA             18:54  BBN

9. Eoin McWilliams  Framingham, MA      19:01  KK

10. Tony LaRosa      Wilmington, MA       19:16  SSAC

11. Frank Tietje        Belmont, MA            19:51

12. Charlie LaRosa   Revere, MA              20:38  SSAC

13. Dick Doran        Newton, MA              21:15  CCAC
14. Rick Hersey       Medfield, MA            22:51  NMC

15. Jack Curtin         Cambridge, MA        29:27  NMC



CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club

KKK= Kilkenny Kats

CRC= Cambridge Running Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

NMC= North Medford Club

BBN= Buckingham, Brown & Nichols High School