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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15 Km

Somerville, MA, April 7, 2005

Overall Results

Fred Kirk
Fred Kirk

Disabled American Veterans Club

Disabled American Veterans Club
616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club


Legs of a gazelle, mid section of a water buffalo, neck of a muscle bound gorilla and the brains of a cunning leopard....put them all together and you have "Fast Freddie" Kirk of Woburn, Massachusetts.....he no longer grabs the anchor hand-offs like he used to in the 400M Relay's at the Millrose Games..but he still cuts a mean stride the thru the streets of Somerville on Thursday nights whenever he is not tending to family duties or workin' the numbers and I don't mean the street number:>)

Tonight, "Fast Freddie" ran a pretty speedy 23:36 for 5.15Km - not up there with the SSAC A-Team that is slowly developing...but not bad for a 40+ 6'5" 250lbs+ kinda guy who can if he had to teach the developing SSAC A-Team a thing or two!!


And speakin' about "not bad"...Catherine Carney who did not run??? but did pop in for a few...minutes not beers..brought down some brownies for the crowd that were the rave of the evening.....over an inch thick--we pulled out a tape measure to check and you did not even need a glass of milk to get em' down..they were that good!! If ya can find a gal that can make brownies like Catherine Carney can you keep em' - just one humble man's opinion!


Not that you would could one with all the e-mails they get from the Big Fella..but just in case...the SSAC heads down to the Marsh Post as of May 5th and they are family friendly nights- but do get the remaining April D.A.V. Races in Somerville on your running calendar!!

May-September 2005 
Marsh Post Races




1. Erin Morrissey          Somerville, MA           23:19

2. Michelle McAndrew   Somerville, MA           24:52  SSAC

3. Tara Vance               Medford, MA              25:45

4. Janet Kelly               North Chatham, MA    26:20  CCAC

5. Beth Logan               Cambridge, MA          27:52  SSAC

6. Kerstin Johnson        Somerville, MA           29:01  SSAC

7. Kara Lamoureux        Medford, MA              32:00  TNT




1. Daren Fiske             Cambridge, MA          20:05  SSAC

2. Cam Manning           Somerville, MA          20:12  SSAC

3. Jeremy Selwyn         Cambridge, MA         20:59  SSAC

4. Brendan McWilliams Arlington, MA            21:02  SSAC

5. Neil Cullen                Cambridge, MA         21:27  SSAC

6. Todd Hutchinson       Stoneham, MA          22:13  SSAC

7. David Lopez              Jamaica Plain, MA     23:20

8. Freddie Kirk              Woburn, MA              23:36  SSAC

9. Tony LaRosa             Wilmington, MA        24:10  SSAC

10. Dave Brighouse       Watertown, MA          24:18  SSAC

11. Noel Robinson         Boston, MA               24:51  SSAC

12. Matzi Nueber           Boston, MA               24:53  SSAC

13. Charlie LaRosa        Revere, MA               25:23  SSAC

14. Jerry Shine              Somerville, MA           25:53  SSAC

15. Charlie Fiske           Bridgewater, MA         26:13  CRR

16. Brian Kelly              North Chatham, MA     26:42  CCAC

17. Paul Haber              Newton, MA               27:38

18. Sam Voolich           Somerville, MA            29:26 

19. Mark Deaguero        South Boston, MA      32:08


Short Run Around The Block:


1. Colleen Marinelli            Natick, MA 

2. Sandra Peters               Somerville, MA
3. Tess Shipley                 Medford, MA
4. Barbara Shipley            New York, New York

5. Jack Brighouse             Watertown, MA

5A. Nicole Brighouse          Watertown, MA


TNT= Team In Training

CRR= Colonial Road Runners

CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club