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D.A.V. Whiskey Run 3.2 Miler

Somerville, MA, April 14, 2005

Overall Results

Sandra Peters and Bob Nesson
Sandra Peters and Bob Nesson


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)
616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, Massachusetts 02145


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club


A quiet evenin' on the ranch tonight- light on the whiskey and everyone was home by midnight!!

So lets move right onto whats happening locally this coming Monday...the Big Day In Road Racing History---and regardless of how much money or talent may be in London..the Boston Marathon is still the place to be and it always will be:>)...just ask the two smiling folks above who will be representing the Somerville Striders AC alongside Michael Manoogian, Daren Fiske & Scott Lundin!!


The SSAC Boston MarathonTeam is a wee bit bigger than the Jamaican Bobsled Team - packs a similiar personality punch and it will be cheered on by it's remaining members this Monday from the 30Km mark on Commonwealth Avenue- Newton....feel free to join us if you have the day off man:>)


Our Babes:


1. Erin Morrissey            Medford, MA             22:56

2. Beth Logan                 Cambridge, MA        27:18  SSAC

3. Kerstin Johnson          Somerville, MA          27:19  SSAC

4. Michelle McAndrew     Somerville, MA          27:21  SSAC

5. Colleen Marinelli          Natick, MA               28:45  SSAC

6. Tess Shipley               Medford, MA             28:46  SSAC

7. Elena Jacubiak            Arlington, MA           29:06  SSAC

8. Kara Lamoureux          Medford, MA             31:00



Our Men:


1. Todd Hutchinson             Stoneham, MA          20:21  SSAC

2. Jeremy Selwyn               Cambridge, MA         21:05   SSAC

3. Cam Manning                 Somerville, MA          21:06  SSAC

4. Tony LaRosa                   Wilmington, MA       23:09   SSAC

5. Rocky Brighouse            Watertown, MA          23:33  SSAC

6. Freddie Kirk                    Woburn, MA             24:49  SSAC

7. Charlie Fiske                  Bridgewater, MA        26:53  CRR

8. Paul Haber                      Newton, MA              27:04

9. Daren Fiske                    Cambridge, MA         27:22  SSAC

10. Jerry Shine                   Somerville, MA           28:38  SSAC

11. Charlie LaRosa              Revere, MA               29:08  SSAC



SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

CRR= Colonial Road Runners