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Scrabble Scramble 2.5 Miler

Nashua, NH, August 30, 2004

Overall Results

10 minutes prior to race time it was extremely hot and humid...

5 minutes to race time it started sprinkling...

5 minutes into the race the skies opened up and it poured...

and thundered...

and lightninged...   (is that a word???)

Newcomers Trevor Merrill and Brock Dastous battled mother nature and
each other over the 2.5 mile course with Merrill coming out on top
15:35 - 15:41. Kelsey Hunt, Emily Mastropiero, and Kelsey Connors
made it close for the ladies finishing in 19:05, 19:08, and 19:12.

12 runners toed the line, but 4 were DNF - Lightning.

Jim Hansen was the lone runner to keeps his wits about him on the
course and make a valid word from the 9 letters out on the course.
Hansen, a Nashua school teacher, scored 62 bonus points for the word
TEACHER. Only one other runner submitted a word, but it was invalid
as it used one letter twice - a definite scrabble boo-boo.

Next week's theme is What's My Time? All runners will guess their
finshing time prior to the race. Runners finishing within 1 minute
of their guess will score bonus points.

Pl Name             Age Sex Club                       Time  Pts
1  Trevor Merill     14  M  Memorial High School       15:35 100
2  Brock Dastous     21  M                             15:41  99
3  Jim Hansen        45  M  Gate City Striders         16:19 158
4  Kelsey Hunt       13  F  Nashua PAL Cruisers        19:05  82
5  Emily Mastropiero 12  F  Nashua PAL Cruisers        19:08  82
6  Kelsey Connors    13  F  Nashua PAL Cruisers        19:12  81
7  Greg Kraft        52  M                             22:15  70
8  Jeremy Stashluk   29  M                             22:18  70