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Marsh Post 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, September 9, 2004

Overall Results

Jeff Silviera and Anne Marie Shipley after the Marsh Post 2.6 Miler
Jeff Silviera and Anne Marie Shipley after the Marsh Post 2.6 Miler

American Legion Marsh Post

American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Quiet night down on the farm tonight....Brian Kelly of the Cape Cod Athletic Club popped in for a beer and to say hello...a few SSAC club members joined in....nice to have had a few slow quiet nights..I get to join in on the conversations and have a beer or two with the crowd..this race directing gig can keep one from just being part of the crowd:>)

Loads of intelligent conversation tonight...George W. Bush was clearly the choice at my table..some may not consider that intelligent..the choice and being at my table:>) and that Wachusett Potato Chips & Cape Cod Potato Chips are the best..our in-house Chip Taster - Jeremy Selwyn started the debate and he is the official snack taster for New England  !!

We are an interesting group of people..not always yapping about our splits nor do we eat much celery:>)..just check out the two happy folks above...Jeff Silviera our men's winner this evening and Anne Marie Shipley of Seneca, New York and one of the happiest people I know..both over 40 and running on Thursday I guess the 40+ crowd does come out to these weekly runs!!




1. Ellenor Emory          Somerville, MA             18:41

2. Michelle McAndrew  Somerville, MA              18:42  SSAC

3. Sthen King              Bristol, England             20:49

4. Sue Driscoll             Boston, MA                  23:03  SSAC

5. Anne Marie Shipley  Medford, MA                 23:07

6. Nicole Brighouse     Watertown, MA             23:40  SSAC





1. Jeff Silviera                   Watertown, MA         16:25

2. Brendan McWilliams     Arlington, MA            16:49  SSAC

3. Cam Manning               Montpelier, VT           16:59  SSAC

4. Todd Hutchinson           Stoneham, MA          17:57  SSAC

5. Matzi Nueber               Boston, MA               18:43  SSAC

6. Jeremy Selwyn             Cambridge, MA         19:10

7. Rocky Brighouse         Watertown, MA           19:33  SSAC

8. John Frain                    Somerville, MA           19:52

9. Toby Wiseman             Cambridge, England   20:50

10. Se'an Casey               South Boston, MA      20:53

11. Paul Watson              Cambridge, MA          21:20  SSAC

12. Jim Whittemore          Leominster, MA          21:56  SSAC

13. Larry Driscoll              Boston, MA               23:04  USACFRF

14. Jack Curtin                North Cambridge, MA   30:38  SSAC



SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation