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1st Worcester Labor Day "Mayor's Run"

Worcester, MA, September 6, 2004

Overall Results

Irish band
Irish band "Mulligan's Stew" entertains runners at the Worcester Labor Day "Mayor's Run"

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street-off Queen Street

Worcester, MA 01609


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club



The Mayor of Worcester's wife, the Mayor of Worcester, a District Attorney from Central Mass District Attorney Conte's office, the City Clerk of Worcester....two City of Worcester City Councilors, half of the Central Mass Striders running club, a City of Worcester School Committe member, a coach from North High School...a slew of City of Worcester employees and even a former selectman from Raynham, Massachusetts in attendance and they didn't have to close down Chandler Street and the Worcester Airport like they did four weeks back in Boston at the DNC when they closed down half of New England.

Great night at Castle Hill Park this evening...opening up the festivities was the Irish Band "Mulligan Stew" (yes we had a live band this evening) and closing the festivities was a fabulous array of food and drink provided by City Councilor Barbara Haller, City School Committee Member Joe O'Brien and his wife Lisa and the Castle Hill Park Runners.


Many thanks to all who joined in on our special Monday night run in Worcester, Massachusetts and out of Castle Hill Park in Distric 4.....extra thanks to Mayor Murray and his wife Tammy Murray. The support is appreciated:>)

There will be three more Monday night races and then we will be closing down the Monday night race series until May 2005. The October 10th - Castle Hill Park 3 Miler is in the planning stages and we hope you will support this event which is a fundraiser for the park:>)



The Donkey's:


1. Jen Wilcox           Worcester, MA          19:51

2. Kathleen Kasper  Worcester, MA          21:10  CMS

3. Susan Kasper      Worcester, MA          22:18

4. Laura Knotts        Worcester, MA          22:19

5. Caitlan Dwyer      Worcester, MA          22:25  CHR

6. Jane Raabis        Worcester, MA          22:48  NHS

7. Marcella Norton   Woburn, MA              23:01

8. Patricia French     Somerville, MA          24:19 SSAC

9. Susan Leo-Johnson  Worcester, MA     28:00

10. Tammy Murray    Worcester, MA         28:38  CHR

11. Edie Cardwell     Auburn, MA               31:18 TNT

12. Janice Fountain   Worcester, MA         33:08 CMS

13. Harriet Lebow      Worcester, MA         33:50


The Elephants:


1. Josh Flanagan      Worcester, MA          17:04 WW

2. Ted Norton            Woburn, MA             17:30

3. Hector Padilla       Worcester, MA           18:00 NHS

4. Francis Real          Worcester, MA          18:54

5. Steve Prouty         Spencer, MA              19:03 CMS

6. Don Wo                Worcester, MA            19:48 NHS

7. Sam Stratton         Worcester, MA           19:55

8. Pete Sulski           Worcester, MA            20:44 CHR

9. Eddy Padilla          Worcester, MA           20:52 NHS

10. David Rushford   Worcester, MA           21:02 CMS

11. Sam Levitw          Worcester, MA           21:25 CMS

12. Steve Sapunka    Worcester, MA          21:27

13. Joe Carpenter     Leicester, MA            21:48 

14. Art French            Shrewsbury, MA        22:00 NMC

15. Bill Kasper           Worcester, MA           22:12

16. Jim DuPont          Raynham, MA            22:17 SSAC

17. Andrew Nash       Somerville, MA           22:31

18. Ken Becker         Shrewsbury, MA         23:24

19. Sean Murray        Worcester, MA           23:26

20. Ed Karcasinas     Worcester, MA            23:35

21. Bill Balla               Worcester, MA          23:44

22. Jim Whittemore    Leominster, MA          24:18 SSAC

23. Joe O'Brien          Worcester, MA           24:32 CHR

24. Angel Nieves        Clinton, MA                24:33 NHS

25. Mayor Tim Murray Worcester, MA          28:39 CHR

26. John Hendrick       Berlin, MA                 32:18

27. Jonathan Finklestein  Worcester, MA     35:21


CMS= Central Mass Striders
WW= Wheelworks Tri Team
CHR= Castle Hill Runners

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

NHS= North High School

NMC= North Medford Club

TNT= Team In Training