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Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3...Season Finale

Worcester, MA, September 27, 2004

Overall Results

Castle Hill Park runners post-race at the season finale
Castle Hill Park runners post-race at the season finale

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street-off Queen Street

Worcester, Massachusetts 01609


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club


     Well a season finale took place this evening…the finale was successful as was the whole series this summer and into the early fall...loads of support from the running community and city government--muchas gracias:>)


     An honorable mention to Jim Whittemore who did em' all and a silver star to Mr. French who woulda done em' all if he knew ahead of time they were happenin' pays to hang out with get the skinny on what's happenin' and then you get honorable mentions:>)


     Extra Special Salute to all the gals...tough - everyone of em' and the support is appreciated...not your average race and not your average gals:>)


     Hope to see a crowd at the October 10th..Castle Hill Park 3 Miler...and be on the look out for something seasonal up at Castle Hill Park this winter...the gals chatted about a cross country ski event that sounds interesting and I can't seem to sit still for very long so one may see something running related up at the park and posted on this very media wave!!

     Lastly, look closely and you will see a few of the lads & lasses above wearin' the complimentary tee shirts we passed out this evening:>)



The Ladies:


1. Annie Gorski            Worcester, MA              19:29  CMS

2. Karla Walter             Leicester, MA                20:51 
3. Caitlan Dwyer           Worcester, MA              23:22 

4. Jane Raabis              Worcester, MA              23:42  NHS

5. Susan Leo-Johnson   Worcester, MA              29:07  CHPR

6. Jen Lyford                Worcester, MA               29:16  CHPR

7. Dorothy Fennell         Worcester, MA              29:16

8. Janice Fountain         Worcester, MA              34:50  CMS


The Men:


1. Josh Flanagan          Worcester, MA              17:18  WW

2. Damien Nevoret        Worcester, MA               19:55

3. Garrick Harmel         Lilburn, GA                     20:18

4. Peter Sulski             Worcester, MA               20:38  CHPR

5. David Rushford          Worcester, MA              20:46  CMS

6. Joe Carpenter           Leicester, MA                 21:25  CHPR

7. Andy Wilson           Worcester, MA                 22:14  CURT

8. Arthur French           Shrewsbury, MA              22:39  NMC

9. Bill Baller                 Worcester, MA               24:28

10. Jim Whittemore       Leominster, MA               24:40  SSAC



CHPR= Castle Hill Park Runners

CMS= Central Mass Runners

NMC= North Medford Club

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

CURT= Clark University Racing Team

WW= Wheelworks

NHS= North High School