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Castle Hill Park Monday Night 3 Miler

Worcester, MA, September 13, 2004

Overall Results

David Rushford and CMS President Kevin Fallon
David Rushford and CMS President Kevin Fallon

Castle Hill Park

Castle Hill Park

Ely Street - off Queen Street

Worcester, MA 01609


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The 2nd biggest crowd the lack of free food and gaelic craic tonight did not keep the lads and lasses away..

     It seems that there may be a new powerhouse in the making within Worcester and it is looking to take it to the Central Mass Striders...North High School Track Team tonight took 4 of the top 6 spots with all the kids hailing from Main South-Worcester, MA--and all coached by Angel Nieves who really shows he cares about these kids...he reminds me of Coach Charlie O'Rourke who coaches the Somerville Lady Highlanders:>)


     A welcomed visit tonight from the President of the Central Mass Striders-Kevin Fallon who joined in on the fun as a spectator and as an assistant with the timing this evening...a mighty welcome to Kevin!! Kevin can be seen above with David Rushford also of the Central Mass Striders...Mr. Rushford has made our results picture gallery almost as many times as Muhammad Ali made the cover of Sports Illustrated:>)



The Ladies:


1. Calista McRae            East Brookfield, MA          19:33

2. Annie Gorski              Worcester, MA                  19:57  CMS

3. Karla Walter               Leicester, MA                   20:48

4. Caitlan Dwyer             Worcester, MA                  22:49

5. Lauren Smith              Worcester, MA                 26:03

6. Mary Connolly             Worcester, MA                26:07

7. Dorothy Fennell          Worcester, MA                  27:35  WYMCA RT


The Men:


1. Todd Cesere            Worcester, MA              17:25

2. Hector Padilla          Worcester, MA              17:37  NHS

3. Steve Prouty            Spencer, MA                 18:56  CMS

4. Luis Mejia               Worcester, MA              19:47  NHS

5. Luis Christian           Worcester, MA             20:24  NHS

6. Eddy Padilla            Worcester, MA              20:34  NHS

7. Kevin Morrissey       Worcester, MA               20:35

8. Garrick Harmel        Lilburn, Georgia              21:03

9. David Rushford        Worcester, MA               21:05  CMS

10. Joe Carpenter       Leicester, MA                 21:51

11. Jay Grant             Worcester, MA                22:27

12. Arturo French         Shrewsbury, MA            22:33  NMC

13. Glenn Szalay        Charlton, MA                  23:26

14. Andy Wilson          Worcester, MA               23:47

15. Bill Balla               Worcester, MA               24:22

16. Larry Gentile             Worcester, MA               24:30  CMS

17. Jim Whittemore     Leominster, MA               24:37  SSAC

18. Angel Nieves          Clinton, MA                    27:27  NHS



WYMCA RT = Worcester YMCA Racing Team

CMS= Central Mass Striders

NMC= North Medford Club

NHS= North High School

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club