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D.A.V. Somerville 3.23243267 Miler

Somerville, MA, November 18, 2004

Overall Results


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans Club)

616 Broadway-off Ball Square
West Somerville, MA 02144


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

A lively boisterous night down at the D.A.V. in Somerville this has taken abit of adjustment going from the cavernous confines of the VFW Logan Post which has been sold or about to be to the cozy confines of the D.A.V. -- little by little folks are settling in and complaining less about the change:>) And it is still "real, honest to goodness ole Somerville to" baloney about divestment in Israel clatter, no blah,blah,blah about mulitcultural commissions (wait till Worcester has to deal with this stuff:>)...folks are just plain happy to be in Somerville, running in Somerville and appreciative of the opportunity to be able to run in the city of Somerville as one has been able to do way before the Pearly Gates opened up and old Somerville was allowed in:>)


Anyway, a lean mean clyde WON tonight - Chris Shaffer....this hasn't happened or almost happened since Clydesdale Matty Corcoran lost by (1) second to the legendary Belayneh Dinsamo on September 13, 2001 at the VFW Logan Post 5.1Km...Belayneh you may know - if you stay up all night reading running books with the bedroom door locked.....was the 1st man to break 2:07:00 in the marathon..he ran 2:06:50 at the Rotterdam Marathon in 1988.

So to commemorate this incredible stroke of Somerville, Massachusetts running luck back in 2001...the Somerville Striders AC will be hosting a Ethiopian Night in January 2005 at the D.A.V. and Belayneh Dinsamo will be our guest of honor.

Get January 27 2005, on your running schedule as you can join us in celebrating the great Ethiopian influence within the sport of running by running alongside the "Great Belayneh Dinsamo" during our weekly Thursday night race and then follow us inside the D.A.V. to enjoy some tasty Ethiopian food, Ethiopian music and get the opportunity to meet Belayneh Dinsamo as well as recieve his autograph and pose with him for a picture:>)

Our Eclectic Runners This Evening:


1. Chris Shaffer            Groton, MA              19:38   USACFRF

2. Paul Hennessey       Melrose, MA            20:45   LAC

3. Todd Hutchinson      Stoneham, MA         21:05   SSAC

4. Scott Lenox             Hopkinton, MA         21:09   B.A.A.

5. Jeremy Selwyn        Cambridge, MA        22:53   SSAC

6. Tony LaRosa           Wilmington, MA        23:39  SSAC

7. David Lopez            Jamaica Plain, MA    24:38

8. Jimmy Dell'Ano        Somerville, MA         25:33  SSAC

9. Daren Fiske            Somerville, MA          25:51  SSAC

10. Patricia French      Somerville, MA          26:22  SSAC

11. Paul Haber            Somerville, MA          26:41

12. Paul Watson  Athlone, Co. Roscommon, IRE   26:46  SSAC

13. Theresa Shipley     Seneca Falls, NY      27:11  SSAC

14. Anne Marie Shipley  Seneca Falls, NY    27.111  SSAC

15. Jerry Shine             Somerville, MA         28:05  SSAC

16. Jimmy Whittemore  Leominster, MA       28:22  SSAC

17. Kerstin Johnson     Somerville, MA          29:10  SSAC

18. Colleen Marinelli     Somerville, MA         29:16

19. Beth Logan            Cambridge, MA         29:25  SSAC

20. Elena Jacubiak      Arlington, MA            30:25  SSAC

21. Sara Faccidomo    Somerville, MA          30:56  SSAC

22. Angie Koban          Medford, MA             30:57

23. Stephanie Schroot  Hamilton, MA           30:59  SRR

24. Beverly Zaluk         Somerville, MA          33:28  SSAC


SSAC=Somerville Striders Athletic Club

USACFRF=USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation

B.A.A.=Boston Athletic Association

SRR=Somerville Road Runners