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CMS 52-Week Series 5K #47

Worcester, MA, November 13, 2004


        TIME  NAME                    DIV     CITY               CLUB
1 20:59 Steve Hebenstreit M40-49 Dudley CMS
2 21:15 Mike Sikorski M40-49 Sterling CMS
3 22:03 Dave Krom M40-49 Worcester CMS
4 22:39 Chris Bitzas M20-39 Medford Sherry's House
5 23:06 Brian Mcneil M20-39 Shrewsbury
6 24:08 Steve Marcus M20-39 Millbury Why Me?
7 24:13 Chris Gaudreau M20-39 Brookfield Why Me?
8 24:36 Art French -1v- M60-69 Shrewsbury CMS
9 24:42 Jeff Morrison M20-39 Spencer Why Me?
10 27:21 Bill Krauss -1s- M50-59 Worcester CMS
11 28:56 Jillian Brown -1f- F20-39 No. Brookfield Why Me?
12 32:20 Cindy Haykesworth -1fm- F40-49 Worcester Why Me?
13 33:17 Deb Gavron F20-39 Worcester Sherry's House
14 33:18 Cynthia Henderson F40-49 Worcester Why Me?
15 39:19 Fran Krauss -1fs- F50-59 Worcester CMS

Volunteers: Lynn and John Armstrong (Holden), Pat Clark (Worcester),
Kevin Fallon (W. Boylston), Steve Hebenstreit (Dudley),
Jan McNamara (Princeton), Joe Wooster (Holden).

(15f; snow on the roads, counter-clockwise course.)