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D.A.V. Somerville 3.21435632 Miler

Somerville, MA, November 11, 2004

Overall Results


D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans) Club

616 Broadway-off Ball Square

Somerville, MA 02145


Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The "Big Man" from Cambridge, Massachusetts and parts east of the Muddy River..Neil Cullen won his very 1st race this evening...and the competition didn't roll over on him either...Scott Lenox who is about 103, just about  beat him but didn't so Neil get's his 1st Big Time Win in a Big Time City!!

And speakin' about Scott Lenox who may be just a little bit younger than 103...he ran the course "again" after the race and almost got banned for life...if he had even whispered to another what his splits were..he was gone-but he didn't and in the end he was almost one of the last to leave tonight and he bought the RD a beer--talk about being saved by the bell!!

Well another SSAC membership induction took place this evening...and the three gals sworn in -Ann Marie Shipley, Kerstin Johnson & Tess Shipley all pledged their allegiance to the Big well as agreed to the SSAC secret vow of OMERTA!!

It won't be long before Somerville, Massachusetts is completely a "Blue & Yellow" State:>)



1. Neil Cullen             Cambridge, MA           20:46  SSAC

2. Scott Lenox           Hopkinton, MA            20:59  B.A.A.

3. Todd Hutchinson    Stoneham, MA            21:26  SSAC

4. David Caterino        Warren, VT                 22:30 

5. Jeremy Selwyn       Cambridge, MA           22:36  SSAC

6. Kim Ventris           Somerville, MA            22:42

7. David Lopez           Jamaica Plain, MA      23:65

8. Tony LaRosa         Wilmington, MA          23:49  SSAC

9. Simon Kozin          Arlington, MA             24:35

10. Freddie Kirk         Woburn, MA               25:02  SSAC

11. Nate Muller          Somerville, MA            25:26

12. Charlie LaRosa    Revere, MA                 25:30  SSAC

13. Paul Haber           Somerville, MA           25:31

14. Kate Winne         Somerville, MA            25:30

15. Brian Quigley       Cambridge, MA           25:32

16. Jim Dell'Ano         Somerville, MA           25:54  SSAC

17. Jen Groskin        Somerville, MA             27:20
18. Patricia French    Somerville, MA            27:21  SSAC

19. Paul Watson        Cambridge, MA           27:39  SSAC
20. Ann  Marie Shipley Medford, MA             28:57  SSAC

21. Tess Shipley        Medford, MA              28:58  SSAC

22. Kerstin Johnson   Somerville, MA            29:52  SSAC

23. Beth Logan         Cambridge, MA           29:55  SSAC

24. Stephanie Schroot Hamilton, MA            30:35  SRR

25. Jerry Shine          Somerville, MA           30:48  SSAC

26. Sara Faccidomo   Somerville, MA           31:50  SSAC

27. Elena Jacubiak    Arlington, MA             31:51  SSAC

28. Beverly Zaluk       Somerville, MA           33:42  SSAC



B.A.A.= Boston Athletic Club

SRR=Somerville Road Runners

SSAC=Somerville Striders Athletic Club