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Marsh Post "Spring Time" 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, May 6, 2004

Overall Results

May 7, 2004 7:30 P

May 6, 2004 7:30 P.M.


Marsh Post "Spring Time" 2.6 Miler


American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

"The Most Opinionated Zip Code in America - 02138"


Hosted by the never pink but always bright Somerville Striders Athletic Club


The 1st time in 4 years that we have had a "good weather" opening night down at the American Legion Marsh Post situated on the banks of the Charles was such a nice night that Scott Rosenberg showed up a week early for the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Run...well it really wasn't such a bad idea-easy parking, no lines for the cold adult refreshments or BBQ and he placed in the top 15:>)


Nice to see many ole faces from past Marsh Post races...just like a summer home/vacation atmosphere…catching up with chums from past summers chatting it up on what happened at school and things over the winter!!


Oh yah the race...yet another Wesleyan Grad dominated another road race…been the same ole story since the 60's when it comes to Wesleyan College runners, Anders Peterson of Jamaica Plain, MA didn't break that great Ethiopian runner Tesfeye Bekele's record of sub 13 for 2.6m at the Marsh Post but he did smoke fellow bud Chris Higgins by almost a minute and he stuck around for a beer and a hot dog--MY KIND OF CHAMPION!!!


Next weeks Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Run has closed out...825 of the Somerville Striders AC best amigo's will be entertained over the foot paths of the Charles River:>)


The Lovely Swans:


1. Michelle McAndrew      Somerville, MA       18:55   SSAC

2. Erin Cullinane               Cambridge, MA       19:03   GBTC

3. Janet Kelly                    N. Chatham, MA     21:12   CCAC

4. Meghan Barry               Quincy, MA            22:30

5. Danielle Igbistan            W. Roxbury, MA      23:46

6. Patricia French              Somerville, MA        23:57  SSAC

7. Nicole Petrona               Quincy, MA             24:18

8. Beth Logan                    Cambridge, MA       24:26  SSAC

9. Jennifer Cullen                W. Roxbury, MA      25:12
10. Shauna McSweeney      Medford, MA           25:22

11. Sandrita Peters             Somerville, MA        25:30  SSAC

12. Elena Jacubiak              Arlington, MA          26:57  SSAC

13. Amy Williams                Somerville, MA         26:58  SSAC

14. Jenn Ciliberto                 Dorchester, MA       27:15

15. Anne Baldwin                 Lawrence, MA          28:10 

16. Kristen Baudanza           Dorchester, MA       28:19   


The River Rats:  


1.  Anders Peterson          Jamaica Plain, MA        14:55  WC
2. Chris Higgins                Jamaica Plain, MA        15:48

3. Ryan McCalmon            Medford, MA                 15:50

4. Brendan McWilliams      Arlington, MA                16:11  SSAC

5. Todd Hutchinson            Stoneham, MA              17:11  SSAC

6. Cam Manning                Somerville, MA              17:41

7. Daren Fiske                   Somerville, MA               17:56

8. Tony LaRosa                 Wilmington, MA             17:58  SSAC

9. Larry Driscoll                 Boston, MA                   18:31  USACFRF

10. Jerry Shine                  Somerville, MA              18:42  SSAC

11. Jim DuPont                  Raynham, MA                18:48  SSAC

12. Rocky Brighouse          Watertown, MA              18:58  SSAC

13. Jeremy Selwyn             Cambridge, MA              19:09

14. Charlie LaRosa             Revere, MA                    19:10  SSAC

15. Scott Rosenberg          Brighton, MA                  19:34  HHS

16. Ron LeBlanc               Lynn, MA                        19:38  SSAC

17. Brian Kelly                  N. Chatham, MA             19:59  CCAC

18. Ozan Kandamar           Cambridge, MA               20:31

19. Steve LaRonde            Quincy, MA                    20:58

20. Matt Dong                   Somerville, MA               21:11

21. Jim Whittemore            Leominster, MA             22:00  SSAC

22. Ben Logan                  Cambridge, MA               25:12

23. Brian Poli                    Lynn, MA                       26:34  SSAC

24. Jonathan Baundanza    Dorchester, MA              28:18

25. Jack Curtin                  Cambridge, MA              28:19  NMC



WC= Wesleyan College

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

KK= Kilkenny Kats

CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club

GBTC= Greater Boston Track Club


NMC= North Medford Club