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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop, MA, May 29, 2004

All night relay with light wands

Site of "A Midsummer Lights Relay" June 18th

March 6, 2004 Deer Island Weekly 2

May 29, 2004 Deer Island Weekly 2.65 miles, flat.


Big tailwind off the Harbor for the first mile then a bigger headwind on the way back along the Oceanside of the island.

  1. Pat Medeiros, Winthrop High School, 17:30
  2. Kit Wells, Greater Boston Track Club, 17:31
  3. Tom Derderian, Greater Boston Track Club, 17:32
  4. Gus Foley, Winthrop, 17:56
  5. Tara Crowley, Winthrop, 19:35
  6. Cynthia Hastings, Greater Boston Track Club, 22:16