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Charles River Weekly 4-mile Fun Run

Cambridge, MA, May 28, 2004

Tonight's runners

Courtesy of Cambridge Racquet and Fitness Club

Charles River weekly 4-mile fun run, hosted by
Steve Pepe and Cambridge Racquet and Fitness Club, 
236 First Street, Cambridge. We meet at 6:00 at
the club, then walk to the start line on the river 
near the Longfellow Bridge. There is no charge, and
runners of all levels are welcome. 

Name                      Town             Club     Time

Sirpa Kirjonen            Cambridge        CRFC     28:40
Bill Bryant               Somerville       SRR      28:40
Chris Vezeau              Brighton                  28:50
Shane Sherwood            Winthrop         SRR      28:50
Joe O'Leary               Auburndale       SRR      28:50
Jon Suber                 Lexington        CRFC     28:51
John Gouzoules            Cambridge                 29:14
Fernando Santos           Charlestown      CRFC     31:03
Michael Bourque           Milton           CRFC     31:21
Dale Smoak                Somerville       SRR      31:23
Elise Riordan                                       32:33
David Malliaros           Milton                    34:46
Mike Bosse                                          34:55
Jeannine Matthews         Quincy                    38:45
John Reale                                          38:45
Barbara Grandberg         Somerville       SRR      39:06

CRFC -- Cambridge Racquet and Fitness Club
SRR -- Somerville Road Runners