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Marsh Post "Real Lazy Man's" 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, May 27, 2004

Overall Results

 American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


"The Most Opinionated Zip Code In America-02138"


Hosted by the sultry Somerville Striders Athletic Club


The Maine Man right now down at the Marsh Post is Maine native & Dirigo RC member Conor O'Brien...very impressive time tonight--not quite course record but damn close!! The key is stretching cause boy does he stretch alot..and I mean alot!! Not sure if he drinks beer cause I got tired just watching him stretch and had to go get one myself:>) Anyway he is fast and I mean real fast...I guess you can get that way from chasing all those chickens Down East!!


Our 4th annual Orange Crush "Dupe Double Loop" 2.6 & 5.2 Miler is next week--boy does time fly by!! bring your lobster bibs for our post race lobster, steamers & our usual BBQ delights--Ladies encouraged to bring along some brownies and like kind!!

All courtesy of the Somerville Striders Athletic Club--that means free to those of you who seek out free stuff and you're out there we know it:>)


The Geese:


1. Patricia French        Somervile, MA         20:12  SSAC

2. Michelle McAndrew  Somerville, MA        20:13  SSAC

3. Nicole Brighouse      Watertown, MA       20:52  SSAC

4. Jenn & Baby Korbly    Watertown, MA     21:07

5. Colleen Marinelli       Somerville, MA        21:53

6. Sherry Gordon         Arlington, MA          22:16  SSAC

7. Sue Driscoll            Boston, MA             22:17  SSAC

8. Elena Jacubiak        Arlington, MA          23:12  SSAC

9. Beth Logan             Brisbane, AU           23:13  SSAC

10. Kristen Baundanza  Arlington, MA         25:48

11. Beverly Zaluk         Somerville, MA        26:23

12. Amy Williams        Somerville, MA       27:10  SSAC

13. Jerusha Hall          Somerville, MA        27:11 



The Ganders:


1. Conor O'Brien        Boston, MA            13:14   DRC

2. Joshua Gordon      Boston, MA             13:55  B.A.A.

3. Anders Peterson   Jamaica Plain, MA   14:03 

4. Jeff Rubens           Brighton, MA           14:26  DRC

5. Ryan McCalmon    Medford, MA            14:54

6. Scott Lundin         Boston, MA             15:08  SSAC

7. Will Watson          Somerville, MA         15:16

8. Brendan McWilliams  Arlington, MA      15:30  SSAC

9. Cam Manning       Montpelier, VT           16:48  SSAC

10. Todd Hutchinson  Stoneham, MA        17:12  SSAC

11. Sanjay Ram        Cambridge, MA        17:13  CRC

12. Michael Rueda    Cambridge, MA        17:17

13. Steve Korbly        Watertown, MA       17:18

14. Noel Robinson     Kilcock, Co. Kildare, IRE  17:35  SSAC

15. Jim DuPont         Raynham, MA          18:05  SSAC

16. John Gouzoules   Cambridge, MA        18:11

17. Matt Dong           Somerville, MA         18:48

18. Ron LeBlanc       Lynn, MA                  18:49  SSAC

19. Mark Wolfgang     Watertown, MA        19:38

20. Paul Watson       Cambridge, MA         20:35  SSAC

21. Jim Dell'Ano         Somerville, MA         20:48  SSAC
22. Big Sam Voolich  Somerville, MA         21:45 

23. Steve Gray          Wilimington, MA       22:12  SSAC
24. Jon Baundanza    Arlington, MA           25:49

25. Brian Poli            Lynn, MA                 26:00  SSAC

26. Jack Curtin           Cambridge, MA       30:11  NMC

27. Waleed Meleis     Boston, MA             38:48    


SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

DRC= Dirigo Running Club

B.A.A.= Boston Athletic Association

NMC= North Medford Club

CRC= Cambridge Running Club