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Marsh Post Duathlon I and 2.6 miler

Cambridge, MA, May 20, 2004

Overall Results



American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Boulevard-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


Hosted by the ever metamorphosing Somerville Striders Athletic Club


Great post biggie Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Run crowd tonight...the tried and true along with some newbies tonight and all within the comfy confines of the Marsh Post situated on the banks of the mighty Charles River...our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Run BBQ Team took the night off to compete in the Duathlon with half competing-Jim Dell'Ano and the other half supporting-John Manoogian!! Tonight’s BBQ Team consisted of Paul Watson and ole Papa Clyde...nothing like a juicy burger or some bratwurst and ice cold beer following a multisport event or a run:>)


Some great duels tonight...who say's the SSAC & USACFRF is all about fun and games...creating great competition, participating in great competition and in the end sittin' back and smilin':>)


Be on the look out for some great upcoming times down at the American Legion Marsh Post this summer!!!





Marsh Post Duathlon I



1. Michelle McAndrew    Somerville, MA   1:01:15    SSAC

2. Anna Hackett               Jamaica Plain, MA   1:01:26

3. Lauren Blanda            Cambridge, MA  1:04:15   CSRT




1. Conor O'Brien      Boston, MA                45:31  DRC

2. Anders Peterson  Jamaica Plain, MA   46:37

3. Nick Currier          Boston, MA                49:04

4. Chris Higgins       Jamaica Plain, MA    50:58

5. Brendan McWiliams  Arlington, MA       53:50  SSAC

6. Paul Sutliff            West Roxbury, MA     54:08   PRC

7. Mark Costello       Quincy, MA                57:05

8. Cam Manning       Somerville, MA          57:38  SSAC

9. Tony LaRosa        Wilmington, MA      1:00:10   SSAC

10. Jim DuPont         Raynham, MA         1:01:46  SSAC

11. Brian Kelly          N. Chatham, MA      1:02:00  CCAC

12. Jerry Shine         Somerville, MA        1:03:05  SSAC

13. Charlie LaRosa  Revere, MA             1:03:25  SSAC

14. Jim Dell'Ano       Sudbury, MA            1:09:39  SSAC



1. Team Ametek - Men's Open    Lynn, MA       56:54

    (Nathan Bagley & Stephen Gray)


2. Team CIVRA - Mixed Open       Boston, MA   1:00:38

    (Kate Maul & Jim Sweeney)



2.6 Miler




1. Marie Kemp       Quincy, MA        19:41   SSAC

2. Patricia French  Somerville, MA   21:00  SSAC

3. Colleen Marinelli  Somerville, MA  22:00

4. Kate Sullivan       Charlestown, MA  22:42

5. Beth Logan         Brighton, MA   22:45  SSAC

6. Lisa Gonsalves   Watertown, MA   24:54

7. Beverly Zaluk      Somerville, MA    26:51

8. Jen Cullen            Dalton, MA          26:52

8. Danielle Isbister   Mystic, CT          26:53

9. Sadie The Beagle  W-Town, MA    26:55

10. Allie The Beagle   W-Town, MA    26:56

11. Linda Crusco      Waltham, MA      28:15

12. Pat Seminara     Waltham, MA       29:09




1. Ryan McCalmon      Medford, MA        15:03

2. Larry Driscoll           Boston, MA           18:22  USACFRF

3. Mike Rueda             Cambridge, MA    18:28

4. Rocky Brighouse    Watertown, MA     18:29  SSAC

5. Jeremy Selwyn       Cambridge, MA      18:45

6. Matt Dong                Somerville, MA      18:19

7. Kevin Christian       Quincy, MA              19:42  SSAC

8. Paul Watson           Cambridge, MA      20:25  SSAC

9. Jim Whittemore     Leominster, MA       21:41  SSAC

10. Tony Dias             Watertown, MA       21:55

11. Big Sam Voolich  Somerville, MA       21:58

12. Greg Grant            Dorchester, MA        22:41  SSAC

13. Randall Woods    Bridgewater, MA      23:16

14. Rishi Nay               Cambridge, MA       25:10

15. Brian Poli              Lynn, MA                   26:17  SSAC

16. Rocky The Big Dog  W-Town, MA        26:57

17. Jack Curtin           Cambridge, MA       29:22  NMC            



SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club

CSRT=CitySports Racing Team
DRC= Dirigo Running Club
PRC= Parkway Running Club
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
USACFRF= USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation
NMC= North Medford Club