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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop, MA, March 13, 2004

Today's Results:

Thanks to Clear Sky and Big Wind

March 6, 2004 Deer Island Weekly 2

March Island Deer Race 13, 2004


A big Northwest wind slowed everyone but Australian, Greater Boston Track Club master, Bruce Davie who set a new Masters record for the 2.65 mile course in this weekly race starting every

Saturday at 10 am on Deer Island off Point Shirley in Winthrop, MA.  A one-hour GBTC hill workout followed.


  1. Bruce Davie, GBTC, 15:01, (the 14th fastest ever on the course)
  2. Julie McGee, GBTC, 19:55
  3. Sloan Siegrist, GBTC, 19:56
  4. Cynthia Hastings, GBTC, 22:00
  5. Nasser Sharara, GBTC, 22:00
  6. Christy Bonstelle, GBTC, 22:20
  7. Dan Daunais, Winthrop, 23:40
  8. Tom Derderian, Winthrop, 23:45
  9. Art Gray, Winthrop, 23:50