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Deer Island Weekly

Winthrop, MA, June 5, 2004

The most glorious ocean views in Boston

Thanks to Jane Derderian for recording results

June 5th DI Race result

Deer Island Weekly 2.65 miles very nice weather

A Midsummer Lights Relay will be June 18th. Sunset to sunrise on the shortest night of the year. It is astronomical! Sign up Website on Coolrunning Calendar


  1. Hong Zhang, Ipswich, 15:07
  2. Mark D’Amico, Dedham, 15:39
  3. Pat Medeiros, Winthrop, 17:04
  4. Alex DeFronzo, Winthrop, 17:39
  5. Shea Walsh, Winthrop, 18:35
  6. Gary Skomro, Winthrop, 21:12
  7. Cynthia Hastings, Greater Boston Track Club, 22:15
  8. Kasha Net, Lynn, 32:02