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Orange Crush "Dupe Double Loop" 5.2 Miler and the "Mini Dupe" 2.6 Miler

Cambridge, MA, June 3, 2004

Overall Results

American Legion Marsh Post

American Legion Marsh Post

5 Greenough Blvd-Eliot Bridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


"the neighborhood with the most purple doors in America also"

Once a year it seems to happen and all the Somerville organizations get together for a big lovefest or should I say freebie beer & seafoodfest:>).....Somerville Striders Athletic Club members, Somerville High School Track coaches, Somerville High School track stars, Somerville Fire Department Racing Team members, Somerville's "Express Running Club members, Somerville Road Runners, cripes even former Malden Catholic basketball star "Big Lou Craven" formerly of Somerville and now living in New Jersey showed up...a wonderful thing when it happens cause it used to be that the only time you could get that many Somerville's together was in a police line-up after a fight night at the Jumbo up in Teele Square..ahh those were the days of our lives!!


A little bit of racing tonight...loads of celebrating but let's get back to the racing part for a minute--Brendan McWilliams wasn't very humble tonight as he bellowed out within the comfy bowels of the Marsh Post that he had finally whupped...Scott Lundin--Brendan used to be a quiet humble teacher type till he started hanging out with ole Paulie and now his head is as big as your humble race director:>) May I mention that a PC coached athlete beat a SB coached athlete tonight..oh why not:>)


Well enough of the running nonsense and who beat who...cause next we have an even bigger night planned-something new & something never borrowed...the 1st ever Marsh Post "Thick as a Brick" Triathlon - a swim-bike-run-bbq event that even ole Paulie aka Papa Clyde plans to partcipate come on down and join us cause I got a bet that I can't get 30 to do this!!!



Orange Crush "Dupe Double Loop" 5.2 Miler


The Peaches:


1. Paula Munger        Somerville, MA        36:07

2. Marie Christian       Jackson, MS          41:27  SSAC


The Plums:


1. Brendan McWillams     Arlington, MA       34:48   SSAC

2. Gordon Pilotte             Somerville, MA     35:59   SRR

3.  Ethan Bagley            Wilmington, MA    36:30

4. Scott Lundin                Boston, MA          40:12  SSAC

5. Jim DuPont                 Raynham, MA       41:12  SSAC

6. Jim Dell'Ano                Somerville, MA      44:15  SSAC

7. Fred Kirk                    Peabody, MA         44:16  SSAC

8. Jim Whittemore           Leominster, MA     44:53  SSAC



"Mini Dupe" 2.6 Miler



The Peaches:


1. Katherine Rozakis    Somerville, MA        17:48  SHST
2. Ellenor Emery           Cambridge, MA       17:52
3. Michelle McAndrew  Somerville, MA        19:08  SSAC
4. Janet Kelly                 N. Chatham, MA      22:33  CCAC
5. Elena Jacubiak         Arlington, MA           22:45  SSAC

6. Beth Logan               Brisbane, AU            22:46  SSAC

7. Kerstin Johnson       Somerville, MA         23:27

8. Stephanie Schroot   Medford, MA             23:29  SRR

9. Jen Pierce                 N. Reading, MA        24:09 

10. Jenshe Hall               Somerville, MA          25:28

11. Amy Williams          Cambridge, MA        25:29  SSAC

12. Moira Herlihy           Norwood, MA            25:30

13. Kristen Baundanze  Arlington, MA           26:26

14. Beverly Zaluk           Somerville, MA         27:00

15. Holly Vestal              Watertown, MA         28:45

16. Amanda Whittemore Leominster, MA     33:43  SSAC

17. Elise Whittemore     Leominster, MA       33:44  SSAC

18. Diana Whittemore    Spencer, MA            33:45  St. Ann


The Plums:


1. Ryan McCalmon   Medford, MA          14:49

2. Will Watson           Somerville, MA       16:12

3. Curtis Bryant         Cambridge, MA      17:47  CSU
4. John Lamb            Southborough, MA  17:42
5. Dennis Rufolo       Waltham, MA          18:42

6. Graham Bustard   Cambridge, MA      18:44

7. Matty Dong            Somerville, MA       18:57

8. Tim Welsh              Natick, MA              19:30

9. Mark Wolfgang      Watertown, MA       19:42

10. Paul Watson          Cambridge, MA      19:51  SSAC

11. Brian Kelly           N. Chatham, MA      19:55  CCAC

12. John

13. Charlie LaRosa   Revere, MA             20:55  SSAC

14. Mike Avery          Somerville, MA         21:10  SFDRT

15. Mike Manoogian Somerville, MA       21:11  ERC

16. Charlie O'Rourke  Brighton, MA          21:17  SHST
17. Kevin Christian     Dorchester, MA      21:18  SSAC

18. Mike Stanger       Natick, MA              21:46

19. Steve Gray            Wilmington, MA      22:21  SSAC

20. Greg Menounos   Watertown, MA       22:54  SSAC

21. Dan McCordrick   Sharon, MA            22:55
22. Greg Grant           Dorchester, MA       23:28  SSAC

23. Brian Poli              Lynn, MA                 25:54  SSAC

24. Jon Baundanza     Arlington, MA          26:25

25. Jack Curtin           Cambridge, MA      28:44  NMC

26. Jon Phelps           Watertown, MA        28:54

27. Waleed Meleis    Boston, MA               42:14    



SHST= Somerville High School Track
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
CSU = Cambridge Sports Union
NMC= North Medford Club
SRR = Somerville Road Runners
SFDRT = Somerville Fire Department Racing Team
ERC = Express Running Club