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Monday Night Weekly 3-mile Fun Run

Arlington, MA, June 21, 2004

Tonight's runners

Twice-weekly 7:00pm 3-mile group run hosted at Fitness 
First Health Club, 471 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, 
on Monday and Wednesday evenings through the end of 
Daylight Savings Time. We gather at the club and walk to 
the start, just off the bike path near Carberry's, at the 
end of Swan Place, which is adjacent to the Boys' and 
Girls' Club playing fields. 

Arlington Fitness First 3 mile fun run results, 6/21/04. 
For more info on the "Weekly" fun run contact:

1.  Chris Spinney      Arlington        18:04
2.  Seaghan McKay      Arlington        19:10
3.  Johnathan Wyner    Arlington        19:20
4.  Jeff Morse         Arlington        19:21
5.  Neil Pallaver      Lexington        21:55
6.  Justine Deutsch    Lexington        21:59
7.  Jerome Lang        Arlington        22:34
8.  Scott McNamara     Somerville       22:41
9.  Joanne Mozel       Somerville       22:59
10. Steve Pepe         Bedford          23:19
11. Ray Pabon          Somerville       24:44
12. Marian Rafferty    Arlington        24:50
13. Josh Skeldon       Cambridge        26:01
14. Robert Rodgers     Medford          26:08
15. Pam Thomas         Waltham          26:18
16. Billy Davey        Arlington        28:30   1.8 miles
17. Johnathan Davey    Arlington        28:30   1.8 miles
18. Jackie Early       Somerville       30:22
19. Kathy Pepe         Bedford          39:38
20. Marge Meehan       Lexington        39:38

Located at Fitness First Health Club, 471 
Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington. Free parking in 
the municipal lot behind the club and on the street. 
Also accessible via the 67 and 79 buses from Alewife 
and the 77 from Harvard Square. Gather at Fitness 
First and walk with the group down to the bike path.